Monday, January 12, 2009

Week wrap up!

Wow what a fun time we have had down here and now it is finally getting warm! The Ed Wright Clinic was awesome! I learned so much and had so much fun @ it! I met lots of new people and had tons of fun with Ashlee and Betsy! Thanks to Ashlee recording Ed working with me I can now watch it all the time! I am so excited to go to our next barrel race so I can ride Harley how Ed worked with us to see how much better we can do! I can't wait to go to another Clinic of his!
Anyways let do a few pictures of Britlyn cuz I know most of you just want to see Brit! I love putting Brit's hair in pigtails cuz they just fit her personality! so I love this picture!
Here she is getting ready to stand up all by herself! she thinks she is such a big girl!

Her in her horse which she loves! It will be a sad day when she grows out of this!
Britlyn has learned that Kelcee sometimes goes and sleeps in her crate so now Britlyn tries to get in the crate! What a kid..
Playing patty cake! She loves patty cake and thinks she is so cool when she does it on her own!
Playing with a tag on a new shirt I bought her.. Tags are the best toy she could have!
Just hanging out after a long day of SHOPPING!!
Well we have had a great time down here, but are ready to head home! So nice to get away.. But so nice to get home!


the schumann's said...

she's so cute, she must have the biggest closet in the world, I have never seen you dress her in the same outfit twice! What a lucky girl.

canchaser_412 said...

what cute pis of her....

!~PADGETTS~! said...

I AGREE WITH LACY , i dont think ive seen her wear the same outfit twice. What a cutie !~ Im happy you had fun at Ed's clinic . AND I LOVE HER IN PIG TAILS !~

Williams Whoop-la said...

that's great you got to spend so much time down there. I am still thinking it is crazy that you hang out where I use to though. Brit is a cutie. She looks so much like you when she is trying to get in the dog crate.