Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lets see the weekend was great. Britlyn and I went shopping Saturday! I really think Brit and I shop alot! Know wonder why she has so many clothes! Then after shopping we went and seen Grandpa and Grandma Diston, it was tons of fun have not seen them in a few weeks and Britlyn loves to play with them!
Here our some pictures of Brit yesterday! I just love this little outfit and I love the shoes! They are cute little sketchers my mom bought her for Christmas!
I love this face!

Standing like a big girl!
I think she just looks @ me sometimes and is what the hell, do you ever stop taking pictures of me!
Sunday we went Barrel Racing to see if I remembered to do everything that I learned @ the Ed Wright clinic! Well The first barrel was awesome! I remembered to have my hand up and forward.. then I forgot on the other 2 barrels! But all in all it was pretty good I bumped the 2nd barrel and my knee still feels it today. But it was alot of fun and I am so happy with Harley! We are getting better and better each time!! Wahoo we made it into the 3D this time! Now we just need to remember to get my hand where it needs to be on 2nd & 3rd and for Harley not to stop before the timer! But we are getting there!
I started working Tucker last week alittle bit and then gave him the weekend off, and worked him yesterday.. I am really excited to get him going and then Scooter!


canchaser_412 said...

aww love the outfit so big girl looking