Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home~

Well Brit and I made it home safe and sound. It was so much fun down with my parents! I almost hated to leave.. Plus it was going to be way warm down there this week in the high 50's! I had the greatest time down @ the clinic I am still amazed home much I learned and can not wait to go to our next race! To see how we do.. and see if I remember everything to do! I was so excited on our way home today as we were coming threw Heber Britlyn got hungry so I stopped to warm up some milk and low and behold my Best Friend in the whole world!! was getting gas in her car!! So I am happy to say I got to visit with Couey alittle and she got to hold Brit.. Then Brit did not want her to go and did not want to come back with me! I have not seen Krystal in almost a year and it was great to see her! It is funny in just a few days have seen two of my oldest and best friends.. Glad I got to see Ashlee and Krystal. Love you both and it was great seeing you both. Can't wait to see you again!
As too Lacy and ChaBlee.. Yes Britlyn does have tons of clothes! I will take a picture of her closet.. Kind of sad she has more close then me! She does not wear each outfit a whole lot since she has so many and she grows out of them so fast! So it really don't look like by the picture she has that many clothes.. These are just the ones that fit her right now and does not include what she has in her dresser. Which has 5drawer and all full of clothes.


Jeremy and Krista said...

Hey Linds~ I'm glad to hear you had a good time at the clinic. I'm excited to see you at some of the races. Before you know it, it'll be time to start running hard again. Wow I can't believe Britlyn has so many clothes. You don't like to shop do you!!? She is growing up and she is so cute!! I can't believe she'll be a year old. That's crazy. Take care, hope to talk to you soon!!