Monday, March 30, 2009


So Grandpa and Grandma Diston have been yelling @ us like everyday because I have not added any new pictures. So here our a few random ones from today! They are not the greatest.
She is such a Cheese ball!

What a face
weird little girl!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


So we had such a fun weekend! My parents came up to the barrel race in Farmington this weekend so Britlyn was able to spend the last 2 weekends with Grandpa & Grandma! She had a blast! She is so worn out tonight!
So yesterday @ the barrel race it was so nice and warm it was 62 and beautiful!! I had Harley and Tucker entered but when we got there Harley was alittle stiff so I decided to run the old man Scooter. Scoot has not ran in like 7months and I have been only riding him a little but he went and filled in! Tuck did good still blowing past our 1st barrel and still not running fast fast! But it was not bad 16.4 so we will keep it! Scooter man did good for not being ready to run yet for the year he ran 17.1. Dad and Patch did really well to 16.7.
Well today came and it was FREAKING FREEZING! OMG it was so damn cold and snowy I was ready to die! Warming Tucker up I was shaking so bad! Tuck was kind of a ASS warming up so I really got after him and made him really work in warm up! Well he did awesome today! Still blew the 1st but we cleaned it up.. But we took down the 2nd coming out of it! I was so mad when I seen my time.. He ran a 15.8!! The fastest I have ever ran in there! Yeah Tuck man! I am so excited to go to Salina in the next few weeks! Well the surprises did not stop there! Scooter did freaking awesome too! He really went in and worked! He ran the fastest he ever has in that arena 16.3! Go scoot man he was right out of the 2D money damn it! But that's okay! Tucker would have been like 5 or 6 if we would have not takin down the barrel! Well My Dad had a even better day then me! He and patch ran .007 off there time yesterday and this one was a target race.. So he WON the SADDLE!!! We had such a great day I am so excited @ how well my boys did and for my Dad and Patch winning the target saddle!! I will try and post our videos! Sorry Grandpa and Grandma D.. Still know knew pictures of Britlyn! I will work on getting some this week!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where did the week go?

Wow it's already Wednesday.. Where did the week go? Well lets see Sunday my parents headed back down to Southern Utah. So Terry, Britlyn and I went down to World Chariot Races and did a little shopping after!! Monday we loaded up and went down to get all the horses shots and injections so now they are ready to start there Spring running! Brit is such a trooper hanging out @ South Valley that long while we worked on all the boys! Yesterday we did not do anything! It was a nice day for Brit just to Chill since she has been doing something everyday since Saturday! I was hoping to get down and run barrel tonight but what the HELL is up with all this SNOW? God I am sick of it!! So I think Brit and I will have another lazy day! I am hoping that it will clear a bit so I can work the horses today.. Before I run all weekend! Brit gets to spend all weekend with my parents again!! They will be coming up to the race! So I am pretty excited! They 2weeks after that she will see them again as we all head to Salina for there barrel race!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Here our a few pic's from today. Love these pictures of Britlyn & Terry. We had a great day. Poor Brit was so tired from playing with Grandpa & Grandma and all the dogs! She loved having 3 dogs running threw the house!
Britlyn & Daddy

Britlyn, Grandma, Grandpa, Mommy, Kelcee, Kaycee & Jocee. We have a thing for (ee) if you can't tell!
Britlyn & grandma cheese'n it up!
Beating the HELL out of Grandma!
We had a great day play'n in the sun with Grandpa & Grandma.. Off to World Chariot Racing tomorrow.. ~GO PADGETT RACING~

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Best Friends

Britlyn and her guardian DRAKE! These two just love each other! Wish the sun was not in the back ground but still cute for a cell phone picture!


So today Britlyn got pictures taken! I was not happy with the one that I had done @ Kiddie Kandida Sunday, so I decided to take some of her with my camera! I have to say I did pretty damn good too!! But pretty easy when she is easy to take pic's of! She is doing really good with these hats now too! She does not try and take them off anymore!

She was so amazed @ everything outside! It was pretty cute to watch her watch everything!
This one cracks me up! She is such a cutie!
Loved the pine cone!

Was not sure if she should touch it!
I just love this one too!
Watching some birds fly by.

Sorry know there is a ton but I loved them so had to share!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

1yr Dr appt.

Today Britlyn had her 1yr check up.. She is a very health little girl!! The Doctor was amazed that she still has not been sick.. YAHOO!!! She is all of 19lbs 10oz she is in the 50% for weight and well height is the 95% She is 31in! So everything is looking good! We are now down to 1 bottle @ night and going to try and kick that one next week!
These are just some random weird pic's of Brit today!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Birthday Pictures

Brit and I went to get her Birthday pictures today.. Well to say the least I am NOT a fan of them! I really am not happy with how they turned out, plus we waited forever so it was not a wonderful picture day.. I wanted the cute tropical back ground.. Well they did not have it so it sucks since I have her in shorts and a tank in one picture. I don't mind the first 2. Then I really don't like the others. Her hair was kind of everywhere today so that did not help the pictures! She is such a lil cutie and these pictures I don't really think show that! Oh well I guess, they can't always be perfect... even though I want them to BE!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

~Birthday Girl~

Well as I posted this Morning Britlyn's turned 1 today, Well I guess not yet since she was born @ 7:40 pm but close enough! Brit's party is next weekend so tonight it was just Britlyn, Terry and I. I made cupcakes~ pretty yummy I might say! So here is her and her cupcake! I love it she to to clean and not into making a mess thank god! I was having a hard time thinking about letting her touch the cupcake! Anyways here is her pic with the cupcake! I will post pictures next weekend of her actual party & Ladybug cake!

1 YEAR OLD....

Oh my GOD! Where has the time gone! Our baby is 1yr old today! So we were going to have pictures taking today but since Brit had such a long day yesterday hauling a horse with me we decided to hang out today and get pictures tomorrow.. I will take some of her around the house today and post them when she wakes up! But I will post what I have new! NOW!

This is from our road trip yesterday. I just have to say she is the best kid ever she loves to go for rides in the car! THANK GOD! Since we travel alot... to barrel races and shopping! Brit's first road trip was when she was 10 days old! We went to Jackson for the Hill Climbs and she was awesome then and it has never changed!

Friday, March 13, 2009


So today is my old mans Birthday! Scooter is 17 today! WOW.. He sure does not act 17 nor does he look it!
So besides that Scooter is 17 today, Brit is 1yr tomorrow!! I can not believe it! Terry and I were talking about it last night we don't even remember what we were doing a year ago! The only thing we both remember is driving to the hospital @ 6am!
Britlyn and I are heading down to the horse expo today!! See what we can find! UMMM I think I could find a new living quarters horse trailer!!! I have been trying to tell the Grandparents that is what Britlyn wants for her birthday! But for some reason I don't think she is getting one! I don't know why, since that is what SHE asked for!!
Well tomorrow Terry has to work so Brit and I are going down to do pictures!! So I will share them when we get the done!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I just love these little hats! Britlyn on the other hand HATES them!! I could not even get her to smile @ me! Which is hard since she always smiles! As soon as she jerks them off her head she smiles! But just had to share! I have to get her used to them since they go with her Easter dress!!
We went and ordered her Lady Bug cake today for her party!! Only 3 more days and she is 1 yr old!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Favorite place........

So Brit's new favorite place to sit is under my legs @ the computer desk! It is like going to Disneyland for her! So this morning I was on the computer and she was playing under there and so I had to get a few pictures!
Such a little nerd!

This picture kills me! Look @ this face!
She loves to lick her lips..

So our weekend was great! Terry went snowmobiling Saturday and Britlyn and I just hung out @ the house and cleaned!
Sunday we went Barrel Racing!!! I am still so excited today! My baby Harley did so good!! He ran a half second faster then he ever has in that arena!(17.0) But we hit a barrel! But I am so proud of him! He is growing up and finally becoming a great barrel horse!
My good boy Tucker did really well to for his 2nd race back after 6months off!
Britlyn also got to spend the day with Grandpa and Grandma Diston, so she was pretty excited about that! She took grandma for a walk all over the arena! Grandpa was pushing her all over in the stroller! It was a great weekend.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Kodak Moments~ Priceless!!!

It's 5 o'clock somewhere right!

Oh THANK GOD for Camera's!! I was in the kitchen getting some milk out of the fridge for Britlyn when she hears me open it up! She loves to play in the fridge?! So I let her whatever as my phone rang it was my Grandma so I am talking to her when I turn back around Britlyn found the beer!! I am laughing so hard talking to Grandma and tell her about Brit so I get the camera since I had just takin pictures of her not long ago and posted the camera was still on the table..
The pictures are out of order sorry! But here they go!


Here was the start of it all. Notice the dog leash around her! One of her favorite toys! She stole it from Kelcee! Thank God it was new and very even on Kelcee yet!
One to many I guess!
This is quite the face!
Okay sorry! I will quit posting pictures for today! But loved them and had to share!