Monday, January 5, 2009


Okay what the HELL! I was coming SOUTH for warm weather! They have more snow then we do in WYOMING.. Today when we went to Cedar City it started snowing again! Seriously I am wanting some WARM weather! Terry said I better just keep driving maybe I will fine warm weather in ARIZONA or TEXAS! So here is a picture of the front of my parents house.
Alittle different view of more snow!

This is the one side of the pasture..where the horses are not at!
Okay so here is Brit with her new horse that Grandpa and Grandma Diston bought her for Christmas!! She loves this horse!
I have know idea what she was doing but I love this picture anyways!
Here she is walking with her wagon my parents bought her the other day! she thinks this is pretty sweet also! The little shit is a pirate though... She steals my phone all the time well lastnight she stole my ipod and put it in her wagon and I found her with it this morning.. What a kid we have!
Again I really have know idea what she is doing.. But she is cute!


Shane Tanya and Hadley said...

Hadley does the same thing, if we ever loose anything we look in his dump truck first. This week he stole my box of oranges for his "rocks" often we find cell phones or remotes in there too. She is getting so big.

canchaser_412 said...

oh what a lil ham....