Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh so TIRED.......

Okay so Miss Britlyn has been hanging out in her bouncer alot more and she loves it and of course the horse makes sounds so you can always here her bouncing. Well she was in it and I was in the other room and I could know longer here the horse so I went in and this is what I found! Poor kid having so much fun and fell asleep!

The other picture is from lunch today I think she looks so cute her hair is so out of control she looks like pebbles!

Next is her new headbands! I love them Terry and my Dad are not so hot on them! But Mom and I think they are great!

Friday, September 26, 2008

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Kinzee & Kelby

Well Tori and Justin had there 2nd child on Sept. 20 she is such alittle doll, I can't wait to meet her. So here is a picture of Miss Kinzee a few days ago.

Kelby, Justin and Kinzee. I think Kelby looks so cute in this picture!

Just a few pics

So these our of my Mom and Britlyn from when we were down there a week or so ago.

Having fun with Grandma ERMA! So we call my mom ERMA I am sure she is going to kill me for even posting this but it kills me! One day @ work a few years ago someone thought her name was Erma- it is Norma! anyways and that same week her neighbor called her Erma so it has not stuck with her! So we call call her Erma!

Here is Miss Britlyn waiting for her food! Poor lil girl was drooling!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What a weekend

Okay so we did not close on our house Friday so I decided that I would run in Wyoming State NBHA fianls this weekend! Ha what a Joke! Tucker ran like a cow both days! Scooter ran good but we hit the first day and I just did a time only on Harley since I was a late and was already running two others! anyways so he did awesome he ran a 17.6 and I never kicked so I was proud of him!

Poor Britlyn got to bed late all weekend but as always she is just amazing and handles it all very well! Sunday night we did not get her to bed tell midnight! oops so she was tired yesterday but happy!

Here our a few pictures from today and yesterday!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


So when Terry got home from work tonight he put together Britlyn's highchair! So here our a few pictures of her in it! She looks like a big girl in it!

I think this one is way cute cuz you can see her reflection in the tray.

Finally Home~

Wow what a nice 2.5 weeks! I was in Southern Utah enjoying alot of hot weather! Now it is hard to come back to Wyoming weather! Well we got home lastnight @ midnight.. I left Southern Utah Tuesday and Terry came down to Henefer that night to see us then we went shopping Wednesday and Barrel Racing lastnight! Then we had to drive home so Terry could go back to work this morning.. So it was a long day yesterday.

So we are not closing on our house tomorrow DAMN IT.... But we will be closing next week so not too bad.

Wyoming State NBHA finals are this weekend so I think we will go and run barrels all weekend! Lucky Terry~ thats okay we will stock up on the BEER!

So Chablee as some of you all know moved to Texas right before IKE hit, but she made it safe and sound and was not out of power to long so that was good for them! She is enjoying it there she said I am so happy for them and can't wait to go see them.

Okay so I had to add this picture, I think it is so cute! I love how Britlyn is looking @ Harley in it!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ready to Crawl!

Well I guess I better do an update! So we are still in Southern Utah! And I will just tell you that the weather has been so awesome down here it is hard to think I have got to go home tomorrow!! But I am excited to get home to see Terry! He has not seen Britlyn in 2weeks. She is changing so much too! So she is starting to really get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth! She look like a lil frog! It is pretty darn cute! So I think here pretty soon she is going to be crawling everywhere! And I can't wait to start chasingher around!

So she is 6 months old and I don't even know where the time has gone. It is so amazing to watch them grow and learn.

The house is still going we are hoping to still close on friday, but you never know how it will go! I am heading back to Henefer tomorrow and we will sleep over night and Grandpa and Grandma D's then Terry will come down and stay with us! and then I am barrel racing Wednesday night then we will head back home!

Oh yes and for you horse people I am now a dealer of Seabuck if any of you use it on your horse I now sell it! I just love this product! you can learn more @ I also sell the human kind also! Terry loves this stuff! I really like it to though, and that is called Sibu

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day of Riding!!

So I was a bum today! All I did was ride the horses and hang out with Brit! So here our some pictures of the Boys, Harley, Scooter and Tucker. They were all so good today! Oh I love all of them so much! I love this picture of Britlyn to I think it is so cute! Man she is such a good kid! She just hangs out with me the whole time I am riding all the horses! She watched me ride Harley and fell asleep while I rode the other two! She is such a trooper!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Here our the rules:

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Okay so here is six random things about me.

1. I love the smell of burning TEETH! It does not matter if it is human teeth getting worked on in the dental office or my horses getting there teeth floated I just love that smell.

2. In 14 years I will be 40 ( Thanks Nat I liked that one!)

3. I love to go praire dog hunting, with my pink gun!

4. I love the SMELL of horse sweat..

5. I love water, I love to go boating be in a pool whatever I just love water.

6. I love going hunting with Terry, and after he has killed deer etc, I love to look around in the animals guts and make sure everything is there!

Okay so I tag, Crystal S, Kim, Lacy, Niena, Vannesa, Shami, and Crystal W

Monday, September 8, 2008

Week of HEAT~

Well Sunday the 31st of August Britlyn, Kelcee, Drake, Scooter, Harley, Tucker and I all headed down to Southern Utah to spend sometime with Grandpa and Grandma, and do some Barrel racing of course! We had a great week last week went shopping of course! and Rode all the horses and just hung out! It has been great down here, The weather has been so nice. Not like @ home, Where Terry has had frost on the windshield everyday. Damn it winter is coming!

Anyways so we headed up to Panguitch Friday to do some Barrel Racing. I love Panguitch arena it is so nice! and all my horses love it there too! It was a pretty big weekend for us I have never paid my young horse Harley into a big barrel race all weekend. And this was the first time I did. Well Friday was amazing for me Tucker & Scooter both ended up in the 1D.. I about died! Harley did really well too he did not get scared of anything! so thats always a good thing! Saturday again was great Tucker won some money in the 2D and Harley won Money in the 4D. Poor Scooter and I hit barrels Saturday and Sunday but he ran so good I was so proud of the old man. Sunday was good also Tucker ran great again and just out of the money in the 1D and Harley won money in the 4D again! Yahoo!

Britlyn is growning so much and she just loves going to the barrel races! she kills me she loves being outside and hangout out with all the animals! She thinking our dogs Kelcee and Drake are so funny she just laughs @ Kelcee the whole time kelcee is walking on the leash. Brit is now helping me walk Kelcee!

She loves to put her fingers up the horses nose then of course put them in her mouth! YUMMIE.

So today we are still @ grandpa and grandma's just taking it easy we are all pretty tired from the long weekend.

I think we are going to head home tomorrow..... The house is coming along good still we are suppost to close next Friday the 19th so I hope all is still going well with that! Just can't wait to get into thehouse and everything set!