Monday, December 21, 2009

Okay had to add a few more! That we took as we were heading to the mail! She loves to help dress herself! She picked out her coat boots and hat! Perfect with her Jammie's!

Never knew you could dress up jammie's! But Brit found a way!

I love her faces that she makes!


I have been such a slacker lately! I have taken some pictures just not had the time to upload them! Brit loves her Dads Utes hat! She wears this or our beanies all the time! She is such a cute and makes us laugh all the time!
Gotta love this fashion statement!

Such a cutie!

Christmas party

We had our Christmas party yesterday at my aunts house like every year! Here is all of us! This one kills me! If you look close I am holding a chicken! Brit did not want to let this chicken go an the only way I could get her in the pic was with the chicken! I look really short in the pic too! I was leaning back! gotta love the timers on cameras to get Terry in the picture too~! Just us and the crazy hats!


Saturday Terry, Rick & John went coyote hunting! It was a competition! Well they WON!! they got 5 but should have had 8! Here is Terry & Rick! There winning dogs!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Wow it is so DAMN COLD outside! I did not even dare look at the temp! Brit had so much fun playing in the snow though! She was dressed warm I however was not!
She loves to wear hats & beanies! I have now lots my bling beanie to Brit!

Such a lil cutie!
I have know idea what she was thinking about in this one! I know she was mad I would not let her in the pasture with the boys though! She just kept saying SCOOD! aka Scooter one of my horses!
I love this one! Brit is getting so big and looks so big tell you put her next to Drake! The not so much!
LOVE this one! All you see is Drakes giant head!
Hope everyone enjoys the SNOW! Not that we are but I think it is here to stay now for a while!

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

I have been such a slacker lately on the blog and pictures! I am going to try and get back on track! We were going to do our family pictures this weekend for Christmas cards but we never got around to doing them! Hopefully this weekend!
Well Saturday was the annual UTAH byu game! Went to Coalville to hangout with family and watch the game! Poor Brit was ready to go by half time! But here she is sporting her team colors!
Unfortunately our team colors lost this year :( we had a bet going this year so I will be wearing blue at the Christmas party this year YUCK! I hate BLUE!
Thanksgiving was awesome we went to Coalville and of course Gma Maxs food was amazing!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brit's new RIDE!

Brit has a new ride! She loves it! My poor walls not so much! She is so funny in it too! She knows where to push to make it go!
Love this one! Just chillin!

Gotta love this little face!
Pushing the button to go! Glad it only goes 3 mph!
Showing me the lights!
Have know idea! Just Brit!
Love that she strapped baby doll in the back!
Well we had quite the weekend! Went barrel racing Saturday did not do the best! Then when we got to Evanston the roads home were CLOSED! Weather was not even bad but I guess there was tons of wrecks so they closed them down! So we had to go 115miles out of our way just to get home! Sunday we did not even chance making it to the barrel race! We just stayed home and watched movies all day!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I think Terry & I wear hats maybe alittle to much!! Brit sees a hat and must put it on! Or put it on one of us! Glad I had my camera sitting on the bar!
Such a lil cutie!

Camo & Bling!

Princess Brit loves BLING!! She has now learned that if it is mine she thinks it is hers! This is my beanie!! But she steals it all the time!! But it looks cuter on her anyways!
Terry was outside doing horses feet and playing on the bobcat last night so Brit and I decided to go out and see him!

I love this FACE!
You can kind of see in the back ground she is playing by Rykers pen!! After that she got to drive around in the bobcat with dad!! Brit loves the bobcat! Her favorite TOY! I think it is Ter's too!!
Well hope everyone has a great weekend! i will try and take a few more pictures and post them soon!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beautiful WARM~ fall day!!

Such a beautiful warm fall day!! I love it! Not ready for this winter weather yet! So I love this nice fall weather we are having! Brit and I played outside alittle today! She runs outside and heads straight to the back! She knows were the horses are! I just love some of the faces she pulls! They just kill me!

In the back by the boys runs! Brit knows where the boys hang out at!
Love the hair!
Brit loves rocks! So here she is with her great find! getting ready to throw it!
We had a great Halloween weekend! Terry worked Saturday so Brit and I just hung out at home waiting for daddy to get home! Then we watched the U game!!! Yahoo they won again! Sunday we went on a Mountain ride with the boys! It was perfect!! The weather was great!! We have went on a Mountain ride the past 3weekends and it was be so nice! I love getting the boys out and riding!! Ryker is doing great with the mountain rides as well! We just take him and he runs around on the mountain! He is like a dog!
Well hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Well Brit and I did some trick or treating today! We went to fox lab and seen Grandma & Grandpa Diston.
Then we went to see Great Grandma Max! She is such a UTES fan!! She was dieing to get her pictures takin with Brit! HAHA!! We also went and seen Vicky & Teresa! They were very hard at work!

GMA Max looks good next to UTES huh!!
As you can tell Brit is a Utes Cheerleader for Halloween this year! She looks so damn cute I think!!

Love this little face!
Gotta ride one of her million horses also in the pic!
Love this one too!
So serious in this one!!
Well hope everyone has a great Halloween! Brit and I are going to try and see more family tomorrow! Wow thank god we don't have a big family!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Finally I have my camera back!! Brit and I went shopping today and had tons of fun!! She looked so damn cute i had to take a pictures... since know one seen her!!
What a princess!!

Gotta love the flip in her hair! plus curls in the back!
Looks so innocent! LOOKS is the key word!

Morning happy girl!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!