Monday, March 15, 2010

Picture overload!

Will its been awhile! Brit and I have been enjoying Southern Utah! We have been down here for about 2weeks and one more week then we head home! While we have been down here we had some Birthdays! My main barrel horse Scooter turned 18, Brit turned 2 and Ryker also turned 2! Yep and they all hit the same weekend!
Sweet baby girl Brit enjoyed her birthday at the barrel race yesterday! Not only that she got to watch the amazing horse Britlyn that she was named after! The weather was not the greatest but we still had fun!

Brit just being Brit! Top pic was last weekend going shopping with grandma... Bottom picture was a few weeks ago when Terry, Brit and I went up to the arena to play with the boys.
Getting ready for Birthday cake!
Pictures are kind of mixed up this time!
Last week sometime!
Brit's little Birthday cake! She thought it was great!
Serious getting ready to blow out the candle
Practice run of blowing out the candle!
The candle was almost as great as the cake I think!
I love this face! She was ready to eat!
Yep finally eating cake!
Enjoying some chocolate cake!
Man that was some good cake!
Brit is really into saying cheese when she sees the camera!
Love this face too!
Still feeding her self cake!
Sorry guys I am going to keep up on my blog again! Just been having too much fun hanging out with papa & grandma!
Brit is getting so big! She never stops talking now and says some of the funnest things! She is totally in love with my mom & dad's dog Jocee aka JO as brit calls her! They just run around the house!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday....

Happy Birthday to our sweet baby girl BRITLYN!!! Sorry guys know new pictures! I have been a slacker down here in Southern Utah. I will try and get some this week! Today Brit spent the day a the barrel race! What could be better on your Birthday then barrel racing?! Brit got to ride Tucker today! I will post pictures later tomorrow