Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well it has been awhile! We have been busy and i have lots of random pictures! Miss Brit looking cite Friday off to see Grandma!
Yesterday playing outside! We really don't not have mud everywhere! Brit just managed to find the lil bit of snow and water and play in the dirt! Oh she has a blast!

We have been doing really well with the potty and we bribe her all the time!! Yesterday morning when she woke up she peed in the potty... with the bribe of getting to ride Harley! Well it worked and she was happy! Did not even take a nap cuz she was so excited!
Really into telling everything good boy!
Such a cutie!
Playing in the closet before we left!
This was a few days ago! Terry putting together our new desk in the spare room and Britlyn helping out daddy of course!
Such a helper
Well hope everyone is doing well! Terry's Birthday was also Friday! Happy Birthday! I am little late on here though! Oh well!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Harley's new OWNER

Brit was such a good girl today and the weather was beautiful so she came out for alittle ride today! She had so much fun! She was very pissed When Terry took her off!
Gotta love this cute little face

Even smiling at the Camera!! Imagine that!
Harley has a new rider this year! I think he might even love Brit more then me!
My baby boy taking care of my baby!
Well hope everyone has a great rest of the week!! I am loving this warm weather! Hope it is here to stay now!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random weekend pictures

Brit loves this hat of Terry's I really don't know why but I love it!! But anytime she sees it she must put it on! This was last night before bed time!
Brit has been doing very well with the potty!! YAY! Two days in a row using he potty!

Terry working with Ryker today! He is getting to be such a nice colt! Cant wait tell we have him broke now!
Of course how can we leave out Gus! He was out helping Terry and I with the horses today! Eating our fire wood before Terry cut it!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know we did!! Yesterday we went to the living aquarium it was so much fun! I forgot my camera but took some pictures with my phone! I will post them later!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

No Shirt No Shoes No problem!! Brit did not get that memo! She rather have Shirt and boots!
New favorite thing! Take pants off and put boots on! Gotta love it!

Drake the great!
Ole Man Scooter
It was a little chilly out today so I was lazy and wimpy and just hooked to the walker today!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Princess Brit!

Brit is getting so big! She cracks me up everyday she will do the funniest things and I just wonder where she gets it! She is starting to learn more words everyday! Shit as been a favorite this week! I love this picture she just loves the camera!
I have know idea what she was thinking in this one! Maybe that is a good thing!

Such a cheese ball!! I think she gets that from TERRY! lol!
Hope everyone has had a great weekend and wonderful holidays! I know I am ready for Summer! Just skip Spring and bring on Summer! I have started riding my boys again this weekend so now it just makes me want WARM weather!
I have to say the Wii is the greatest thing! I love my wii fit!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!

Happy New Years!! WOW 2010 already! Where does the time go?! Well before long it will be spring & SUMMER again!! YAY! I have been a slacker on the blog! So hopefully I will start doing better again! Miss Brit & I have been trying to work on the potty since after Christmas! Not my favorite thing I know that!! But hopefully we will get it soon!

Brit sitting at her Dora desk she got for Christmas! She loves this desk! It is next to ours so she can work with us!
Loves the camera so thinks she should pose all the time!
Christmas was wonderful! We got tons of stuff! Brit got loads and loads of CLOTHES!!! Yes cuz her closet was getting alittle bare!!
So excited about all her Santa gifts! She woke up at 4:30 am~! What the HELL how did she do that! But laid down for a nap early and had a great nap!!!
While Terry, Mom , Dad & I all played the wii!!!
She opened this box first! It was the horses that Jimmy & Chablee bought her and she loves them! She calls them all Scood! One of our horses names is Scooter!

This was Christmas eve day I think! She looked like such a big girl with her pony tail! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!