Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Catching up & Preschool

I am really a slacker on the blog I know! But pretty much everyone has facebook so that's where I do everything at! Miss Brit is growing up so fast and just gets smarter and smarter everyday!
She had her first sleep over 2weeks ago with my parents and she loved it! I'm not sure how I got her to come home! Brit is so excited she gets to start Preschool tomorrow! I cant believe it she is getting so BIG! Hopefully she does well tomorrow! I'm sure she will!
 The next Big thing happening is Brit Turn 3yrs old in a few weeks and she gets to have her party next weekend! She is pretty excited for that too! Because she gets presents she said! We are kind of getting Sick of winter here! It will be so nice one day then the next freezing and snow!
 Brit has decided to take over all my horses though! She says they are all hers! I have know idea where she gets that from lol! Oh wait as Terry says its her MOTHER!
 Harley and Britlyn are so funny together she just loves this horse so much and has to give him kisses all the time! Which works out get for him because he happens too LOVE kisses! kinda funny how it works! I know I have lost my favorite horse too Brit but it is well worth it! (I GUESS!)
 It was pretty cold out but Brit wanted to go out and ride! So you don't have to ask me twice I was there! We saddled up Harley for Brit and I rode Rusty, But Brit decided she also wanted to ride Rusty after riding Harley for a min! So here we are! Whats better then a ride at sunset!
Well I hope to stay a little more on top of the BLOG!