Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brit in Salina!

Brit had so much fun in Salina this time around! I swear that child knows so many people and is not afraid to go and give a hug to someone she has not seen in months!
Terry Brit and I swinging! She thought this was the best thing ever!
Daddy & Brit

Papa & Brit
Brit thought this lady was so cool cuz she let her play with the baby bunnies! Brit just wanted to kiss them!!
Again baby bunny!
We were so happy with how Brit did in the hotel! She slept in the big bed all by her self except for Kelcee!! Plus she used the potty the whole time she was down there!!! YAY! Plus has continued too since we have been home! with very little mishaps!


Home from Salina! What a blast we had! The boys has some good runs and some bad runs! If only I could have kept the barrels up! Oh well there is always next time!
I do have to say the MENS race is getting to be my favorite event at Salina now!! I have the best husband ever!! Terry & Harley making there first run in the Mens race!! They did not clock great and hit a barrel but man did we all ever get a laugh out of it! Yes he is wearing a pink cheeta hat!! We are in the market for a zebra so if anyone finds one let me know!
Harley and I! This is our best picture ever!! Plus we actually kept all the barrels up!! The only run out of six runs that I had a clean one!! It was great! but know money!