Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Well Brit and I did some trick or treating today! We went to fox lab and seen Grandma & Grandpa Diston.
Then we went to see Great Grandma Max! She is such a UTES fan!! She was dieing to get her pictures takin with Brit! HAHA!! We also went and seen Vicky & Teresa! They were very hard at work!

GMA Max looks good next to UTES huh!!
As you can tell Brit is a Utes Cheerleader for Halloween this year! She looks so damn cute I think!!

Love this little face!
Gotta ride one of her million horses also in the pic!
Love this one too!
So serious in this one!!
Well hope everyone has a great Halloween! Brit and I are going to try and see more family tomorrow! Wow thank god we don't have a big family!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Finally I have my camera back!! Brit and I went shopping today and had tons of fun!! She looked so damn cute i had to take a pictures... since know one seen her!!
What a princess!!

Gotta love the flip in her hair! plus curls in the back!
Looks so innocent! LOOKS is the key word!

Morning happy girl!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Can't wait to get my CAMERA back!

So I have said this a few times... But I REALLY miss my CAMERA! We let one of Terry's friends barrow it and it has been HELL! I hate not having my camera! I only have this little camera and it bites! It is so FREAKIN SLOW at taking pictures! I can't get very good of ones! Okay done Bitching for a min! My SWEET little DEVIL child! Playing outside this afternoon! It got alittle chilly about 5!
But Brit don't care! As long as she is outside she is happy! Now coming in on the other hand that is a different story!

Favorite place to play.. Horse walker cuz there is alot of sand! Notice the rocks she put in the walker path!

Thinking really hard! How to get the rocks out?
Hell YES! She figured it out! Notice her BLING bracelet! She has several and she wears one everyday! Goes very well with carhart don't you think!!
We decided to finger paint tonight also! WOW that was lots of fun... and messy!
A work in progress!

Well hope everyone had a great day and have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Few Pics

So It has really sucked not having my good camera for the last while. I took a few pictures they are not great with the small camera! Can't wait to get my big one back!!
Miss Brit being a little sweetheart... for like 5seconds!
I just love this cowgirl tuff outfit! So cute! Still alittle big though! Notice Brit's bling bracelet... She loves these bracelets and wears one everyday to match that outfit!

Loves when we tickle her toes! So now she does it herself!
Drake play'n in the SNOW this morning!
Gus Just waking up this morning!
Hope everyone had a great weekend.. I should have my camera back soon so better pictures to come!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My finished addition to my hay barn!!

Ryker being the little shit that he is!
Ryker was such a good boy this weekend! He stayed at the barrel race all weekend and I even ponied him around!! Plus he got his shoes pulled off!! I am so proud of my boy! He is such a funny horse! I can wait tell I can start riding him!
Gus playing on his dog house!

Gus licking me!

Well I have to say I am pretty sure this weekend was the worst Barrel Racing weekend I have had in such a long time! Harley and I did so shitty not only did we hit barrel all 3days but he flat did not run either! Harley is not liking Ryker to well either! I think Har is alittle jealous of Rye so I really paid for it this weekend of barrel racing! But I had a great time hanging out with friends and my parents! Plus Brit got some new BLING! I will post pictures soon! I am so happy Ter got out new addition to the hay barn finished..I have the best husband and inlaws! They spent all day with Britlyn and Terry hauling hay Saturday.. While I played at the barrel race!