Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I still can not believe Christmas was here and gone already. Everything goes by way to fast! Brit got so many new clothes and toys for Christmas I had to do 3 loads of laundry of just her new clothes! What a spoiled little shit!
The weekend was great we went barrel racing on Saturday and it was so damn cold! what am I thinking! Then Sunday we went and spent the day in Henefer with Ter's family and we had some awesome Chili that Tori made and some Cake for her Birthday! It was so much fun hanging out with everyone. It kills me how much the kids are growing.
Monday Terry, Robert and Justin went coyote hunting around here they had way to much fun I know that! But did not kill anything! They actually missed! how funny is that!

In the top picture Britlyn is helping me fold clothes! Such a helper! The bottom Picture is of Christmas day bouncing on her horse.. as always!

She loves this little camo chair we got her! It is so funny to watch her try and get in it! She loves to chew on the tags of everything!
I just love this picture she looks so damn cute and like she does NO WRONG! notice I said LIKE! she is such alittle cutie though!
Well Britlyn and I will be heading to my parents this weekend for a little more then a week~ I am pretty excited to go to the Ed Wright clinic and hangout with my parents for awhile! Wish Ter was coming with us but I guess one of us has to stay home and work.. and take care of the other horses!
Hope everyone has a wonderful New Years! We will be taking it easy watching a movie as Terry is already yelling @ me to hurry up!

Friday, December 26, 2008


WOW Christmas was here and gone before we knew it. It is amazing how fast time fly by. Christmas was great got lots of presents had tons of great food and just hung out with family!
Here is Brit in her new chair! It is going in the horse trailer for while we are Barrel racing!
Brit thought the wrapping paper and bows were awesome!

I love this toy my mom bought her and so did Brit!
Grandma and Britlyn playing with the toy.. we maybe Grandma playing with the toy and Brit eating the bow!
Well I was really excited to get down and see ChaBlee and Jimmy while they were here in town but with all this crazy weather we were never able to get down and visit with them, which really sucks.. Our roads are still closed today and hoping that maybe sometime today they will open up. My parents are trying to get home today but are stuck on I80 will the roads closed!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Santa brought everyone everything they asked for! I know Santa brought that and more to our home this year! Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays but this one has been the best Christmas yet. Britlyn makes everything more fun and bring so much more joy into the holiday season.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Britlyn and I went down to my aunt Nelda's house on Sunday for a lil Christmas party.. It was lots of fun and Brit did great she got a little tired @ the end and she fell alseep as soon and we left. This is her with one of her new toys that my Grandma Bea bought her! her little face looks so sad!
She is wearing her new belt in this picture that my Grandma Bea bought her.. She looks like such a big girl with her belt on!

My Aunt Nelda and Britlyn
One of Brit's Favorite toys, so if you happen to call me and I don't answer it is usually because Britlyn has my phone! she loves to push the buttons so it lights up~
Well I can not believe it is Christmas! WOW there has this year went.. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.. My parents our coming up tomorrow to stay with us a few day so I am pretty excited! Then next on our list is heading to the Ed Wright Clinic!! I am way excited to go!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


OMG seriously you know you live in Wyoming when you are in the house and hear a noise kind of sounds like gun shots.. So I am getting dressed trying to get out of here to go to a family Christmas party when I just happen to hear a noise sound like a gun shot.. Think to myself how could it be! So to my surprise of looking out the window to see what the hell the noise is and where it is coming from I see one of our neighbors up on the hill holding a gun and walking this way.. SHIT I think did he shoot @ my dog cuz he has been barking all morning! So I look out the back door and thank god Drake is safe just sitting by the door! Makes me feel better so go back to the window and keep watching this crazy hillbilly! Anyways he now crosses the fence in his back pasture and up flys a goose.. The crazy bastard was shooting @ a goose in his pasture that is in front of two houses.. HELLO Jackass what happens if you miss and it hits one of our houses?! GOD people are NUTS..! So then I sat there think about the poor goose this guy just shot then I remembered they are the other neighbors geese! But hey I guess it was on his property!
Sorry just had to share about these weird WYO people! Some days I tell you I miss UTAH people! I think we are alittle more NORMAL!

Merry Christmas

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Friday, December 19, 2008


Ok so I really hate Tax time.. It is seriously the biggest pain in the ass when you own your own company! Or like me kind of slack sometimes cuz I would rather be hangout with Britlyn or riding the horses! But as of 6 am yesterday my Taxes were done! YAHOO!!! Terry took them to the Accountant today so I am pretty excited about that! Maybe we will start off the new years a little easier now!
I am already sick of the SNOW! It freaking sucks.. Drake and I finished loading the last bit of moldy hay we had here he is taking a break!

He is such a helper! Speaking of helpers, Britlyn loves to play in my purse which I always let her do because they is really nothing in there she can hurt or get into.. Well today we went to check the mail and I get to the post office and my mail key is missing.. So I thought to myself where the HELL could it be? Then I just happen to remember Britlyn playing in my purse today.. Well I drove back home went in the house and to my surprise my mail key was laying in the middle of her toys! So then we went back to check the mail! Little SHIT!
So I rode Harley yesterday while Britlyn was taking a nap and the whole time I was thinking what in the HELL am I doing out here on a horse freezing my ASS off! It was like 16 degrees! I was rather warm though! I was riding in my carhart coveralls and huge Arctic Jacket! THANK GOD! I think Harley was like what the hell are you doing riding me women! Oh the joys of Barrel Racing in the winter...
Well I am off to start the bobcat to move a bale of hay so I can feed the boys! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Went to see Santa today I was very impressed with how Britlyn did with him! She did not cry @ all! She look like a little nerd in her picture with her smile!

~Britlyn vs Kelcee~

This video kills me! Her and Kelcee just love to play together

Well this week has been crazy already and it is only the start of Wednesday! Over the weekend we headed to go Barrel Racing! WOW What was I thinking.... It was lots of snow and tons of traffic and of course the horrible drivers! We got there late and I was moved up to run early, just my luck on well it was not one of our best but it was not our worst either! Sunday was a great day we just hung out and were bums and then went shopping for a few things then took the long way home, we were going to take some pictures of Wildlife but then did not! It was a pretty fun weekend..

Followed by having to finish our TAXES! oh how fun I have been working on Taxes off and on for about a week now and almost finish! bust still they our a pain.

Nothing to big planned for the weekend Terry is working and Britlyn and I our going to head down to my Family Christmas Party.. Wow almost here! I am so excited for Christmas this year with Britlyn she has been a crazy child about the presents I can not get her away from them! I have had to put new bows on a few presents thanks to my lil HELPER that is in to everything! My parents are coming up for Christmas so I am way excited for that... Have not seen them for a little bit then about a week after Christmas Britlyn and I will head down to stay with them for a little bit.
Chablee & Jimmy are coming home this week so we are pretty excited to go see them! Have not seen them since August guess you could say its been awhile!

Britlyn turned 9months old this past weekend.. I still can not even believe she is 9months! She is getting so big and into everything! She now pulls up and walks along everything.. Her and Kelcee play tug- a-war (sp) all the time it is so funny to watch and listen to! she just giggles so loud! While Kelcee is growling the whole time! Brit just loves the dogs sometimes she gets alittle rough with Kelcee and try to pull her legs and poor Kelc just takes it and will not bite her! Drake thinks it is the greatest thing in the world to have Britlyn crawl all over him... It is so cute but man she is rough! she pulls fur and goes to town crawling on him! How he ever just sits there I will never know! Last week I made the mistake of letting Drake in the house right a we were putting Brit to bed.. I will never do that again! She was just about out and then she spotted him! Wow she went to almost asleep to a wild child in 2 seconds! so I thought I would let her see him for a min then put her to bed. Boy was I WRONG! As we walked her into bed and put her down she turned over and stood up looking @ Drake oops! So I kicked Drake out of her room and shut the door alittle so he could not come in again laid her down nope up again so I just left her alone thinking she would lay down to sleep.. again I was WRONG! She cried for about 20mins before she finally fell alseep! Poor kid just wanted to play with Drake!

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day and weekend I am going to try and finish my Taxes now before Brit wakes up!

Friday, December 12, 2008

So I have decided that I am "one of those mothers!" I swear I take like 100 pictures or more a week of Britlyn! she is just so funny and is always doing something or her hair is cute or something! So of course I have to share my newest pictures of Miss Brit. I love this picture of her and her horse! I love her hair is is so out of control all the time but this one kills me!
She is just getting ready to growl out me in this picture so her expression makes me laugh

Well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.. They say it is going to SNOW.. But I am hoping it don't!! We are going Barrel Racing tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I just love this picture of Britlyn.. I think it is so cute she just looks so serious which she is not! Then this picture shows the true side of Brit.. the ANIMAL!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Family Picture Fun!

Yesterday we went to have our family pictures done. They turn out not to bad, I know it is way hard to get a family picture done with a 8 1/2 month old! You just have to smile @ the camera the whole time and hope they take the picture soon! After that we went and did some shopping! We got the rest of our shopping done for Christmas! Yahoo!!

We also had a little mouse that came to live in our house yesterday! The little shit must have go in while I had the door open letting the dogs in and out of the house. Anyways I am happy to say FLASH~ I named him... Is now dead and in the garbage after a day of trapping and hunting!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Brit's New Hair Do~

I just love all Britlyn's long hair if only some of it was in the back also! She has a really bad comb over! Or as Teresa puts it Party in the front and business in the back!