Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Miss Brit was so tired tonight!! She did not take a nap all day so when 7:30 rolled around she was all but ready for bed! So here is her looking @ me like feed me women and put me to bed!!
Running with her great find!

Hope everyone had a great day! Brit and I did not do a ton today! Lots of laundry and worked the boys!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Well here are some pic's! I went outside to grain horses and when I can back in this is what I found! I am really glad I had the camera in the kitchen so I could get these pics! She is a little shit!
So proud of herself standing!

Looking @ her mess!

What a little shit she is! I will actually get good pictures I hope later! When we go ride!

Thank you!!!

So I just have to say Thanks so much to my wonderful in-laws! Rick & Lucille were so great this weekend they came to the barrel race with me Saturday in Farmington so they could babysit BRITLYN!!! Poor them! She was so wild and was trying to run all over HELL! Britlyn tried to steal blankets that they were selling.. Because she has two of them and I guess she thought they were hers! She also never took a nap the whole time!! So thanks guys you are the best and sorry for such a long wild day!
Brit and I just hung out all day yesterday we did not do much but play! It was so cold and wet we had to play inside! But it looks like it is going to be a beautiful day today so we are going to try and play outside and ride the horses too!
Hope everyone had a great weekend. I will post some new pic's later... When I take some!

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Trick!

So today is our Anniversary! Wow I can not believe it 5yrs down! How time flies! We are not doing anything but hanging out with Brit and eating pizza!! What could be better? Nothing actually! Well maybe alittle sunshine!
Britlyn has some new tricks this week! I think she is a monkey.. OMG she loves to climb.. and I mean anything too! She has been getting in and out of her swing for awhile now and thinks that is the greatest thing ever! Well yesterday she made a new discovery.. Now she thinks its even better then the swing!! She has figured our how to climb on top of out ottoman, its actually really entertaining to watch! Plus when she gets up there she is so proud of herself she gets down and does it again!
Sorry it was right before she was getting in the tub so only in a onesie! oops she looked super cute yesterday too!! She was in a cute little skirt my mom bought her!
Proud of herself sitting one top of the ottoman!

Now for the dismount!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Loving the WEATHER!!!

WOW this weather has been so great lately! Brit and I are totally loving it!! I rode all the boys today and it was great! I even got some COLOR!! Wahoo! Then Britlyn and I went outside to have some fun with the dogs! She loves this wagon it kills me! As soon as we go outside she goes right to it! I this she was trying to get in it! The proud owner of the WAGON!

I have know idea! Poor girl has some messy hair though! Gotta love the wind blown look!
Chillin in her ride!
I have to say we have the best dogs! They are so go with Brit and she just loves them! She is now trying to pick Kelcee up so Kelc is like what the hell!
Always happy playing with the dogs!
Getting ready to try and pick Kelcee up.. I think Kelcee is think OH GOD!
Look @ that face! She would never try and pick up Kelcee!
Learning to be gentle with Kelcee!

Well hope everyone got to enjoy some SUN today! I know we did! Can't wait for more fun tomorrow!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wagon Ride

Wahoo!!! I am super excited! Terry got home early from work today! So he put Brit's wagon together that Grandma & Grandpa Diston bought her for her Birthday!! She loves it! She was laughing so hard the whole time we pulled it around! I just love this pic she has such a cutie smile!!!
Of course she has to be sticking out her tongue in a picture!

It was windy so we were trying to make her keep a blanket on! Gotta love pink John Deere!
We are oh so safe! Letting her stand up!
Just had to share a few more pics we just took! And say thanks Grandpa & Grandma Diston again!! She loves her wagon! I think this will be her new ride @ the Barrel Races this summer! Ter can put everything in it too!!

FUN in the SUN!

Finally! We get some SUN! So we took advantage of it today! It did start to get alittle windy but it was still great to play outside! I mowed the lawn while Brit took a nap then she came outside to play with the dogs! I would love to know what she was thinking in the picture!

Gotta love KISSES from Drake!
She was hunting Kelcee in this picture!
I think she was checking the dogs out or the horses on the walker? Don't really remember!
Brit and her wild hair!
Before the wind started! I love this little outfit... But don't have shoes that match.. So she is wearing her pink Nike sandals!
Oh what a face!
Finding some new toys! (wood)
Learning to work early in life! Next I will have her working my HORSES!
Well hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend! Brit and I had a pretty fun one! We went to Rock Springs yesterday Barrel racing! It was tons of fun to see a bunch of lady's I have not seen in awhile! I am so thankful to the whole Dobson family! Without them I would have never been able to run! Poor Kristy spent the entire time watching Brit for me! Thanks guys you are the greatest friends!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tough enough to wear PINK!

Britlyn got some cute little chaps for her Birthday from Grandpa & Grandma Diston! So today we tried to take some pictures in them! She thought they were pretty cool! Her and Drake playing with Harley's whip!

I have know idea! Guess she was checking out how long it is!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Happy Birthday HARLEY!!
My BABY boy Harley is 7 today! WOW hard to think he is 7! Some days he still acts like a 4yr old! I am so proud of him though it has been along time coming on his barrels and this past weekend he did so awesome for me! As most anyone who knows me knows this horse means the WORLD to me! He is right there in line with BRITLYN!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Tax day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Pics

Just a few pic's of Britlyn in her Easter Dress!! I really like this one!
Little Nerd as usual

I have know idea.. actually!
Just being herself.. alittle pain in the BUTT!!

Weekend of Surprises

Well our weekend was full of surprises! Started off with our hotel not having our reservation that was booked almost 2months ago! Then it just went from there! My Good horse Tucker that has been working so great decided that this weekend he would not work @ all.. That was just Freaking wonderful! My old Man Scooter ran the fastest he ever has in that arena Friday night. My lil Boy Harley also ran the fastest he ever has in that arena! It was a fun weekend, Brit was so wild and all she wanted to do was run around so poor Terry chased her all weekend long plus helped me and filmed the boys and he also ran Barrels in the Mens race Saturday night! I was very proud of him and Scooter they did great would have won some money I think in the 2D but Terry hit some barrels! This is the greatest picture! It is bad when your husband has a better picture on your horse then you do!!

My friend Debbie kicked ass over the weekend she won Saturday with the most beautiful run on Striker... Harley's half sister!! One day he might learn to run like her!!! I am hoping! and her young horse Koda has been coming along so nice for her she ended up winning on both of the yesterday!! So way to go Debbie you rock!! Thank God for Debbie yesterday she let me know that I was up in 10 on Scooter oops!! So her and I booked it outside to get scoot ready and I made it in the barn just as the runner right before me was in the arena.. again oops! Thank god it was Scooter and he is such a great horse he just went in and worked! I think if I would have been ready he would have done even better but oh well! He did great anyways! It is the funnest thing to think that My baby boy Harley.. Out of my 3 had the fastest time!! OMG never thought I would be saying that! I am proud to say Harley ran a 16.5 yesterday! Scooter ran a 16.5 also just a hair slower then Harley. All in all it was a good weekend.
Brit and I did the Easter egg hunt in the arena Saturday night! She got one bag of candy and just sat down in the arena like umm.. I am done now! My Dad and Patch also did well over the weekend but we were all out of the money yesterday... Damn it. But Harley did pick up a check Saturday!!
We also got to see Grandpa and Grandma Diston yesterday on our way home so that was nice! They have not been able to see her in a month!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Well just want to tell everyone HAPPY EASTER!! We will be spending Easter weekend in Salina @ a Barrel Race! But I did boil Eggs this morning while Britlyn was sleeping then we will dye them later.. Guess I will actually dye them but she will be there! I am so ready to get out of here! I want some warmer weather and now as of this AM Salina is going to be in the 60s and only a 50% chance of rain Saturday!! I can handle that!! I have to hook up the truck and trailer but other then that we are packed and ready!!! YAHOO!!! I was hoping to get some Easter Pic's of Britlyn but with this sucky weather lately it is going to be after Easter! Oh well.. I am pretty excited to announce... Terry will be running Barrels again this year in the MEN'S race!! I love my husband so much and so happy he lets me enter him! Even know I am sure he would rather not! But hey that's okay! He just drinks beer all day and then runs barrels that night! Always a good time to watch! So I will be posting a video again of him running and hopefully the photographer gets his picture this year! Well I hope you all have a great weekend and a Happy Easter! I LOVE EASTER by the way! I will post some new pictures when we get home Sunday!

This face kills me.. I really would love to know what she was thinking... I think?!
Just being a little weirdo.. as usual!
Another face I am just not really sure of!