Sunday, November 30, 2008

Well Turkey day was great! Britlyn enjoyed lots of mashed potatoes and gravy and some whip cream. It was alot of fun, we were hoping Terry would get the day off on Friday but he ended up having to work. We tried to get a picture of the 3 of us on Thanksgiving but Britlyn was so wild! so this is the only one of her looking @ the camera! and she looks like a nerd in it!
I love this one cuz she is trying to escape!

Ter took this picture the morning of Thanksgiving! she was serious about eating, I guess!
As for the weekend not alot going on. I put the Christmas tree up last night after Britlyn went to bed and finished wrapping presents! I am way excited for xmas this year! I this Brit is going to have a blast with the wrapping paper!

So I guess I got one of my xmas presents early! I am really excited for this.. Harley and I will be going to the Ed Wright clinic in January so I am way excited!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trying to ESCAPE

Well after Britlyn's nightly 12hours of sleep.. She started to make some noise so I went in to find her stand up in her crib! So I turned around to go get the Camera when I came back he is what I found! Her peeking over the crib ...
Then she went to a stand up! Like she was saying HAHA look what I can do!

Then she decided she was going to growl @ me.
Then it was all over and ready to get out of bed for the day! What a kid we have!
Well I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you go out shopping on Black FRIDAY.. Have a wonderful time and I hope you get some killer deals!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Well today was the day I have been waiting for all football season!! BYU and UTES~ It started off to be a good game and then well the UTES just took it way! Poor BYU played like shit! We went down to Grandma Maxine's for the game she is a HUGE BYU FAN! anyways she made us a awesome dinner and we watched the game! she yelled and wanted to kill me a few times! but I came out on top! and she would not even take a picture with me on game day! since BYU lost! It was awesome Britlyn, Terry and I were all dressed up in our UTE attire while Gma Maxine was in full BYU attire! She even decorated the our all up in blue but it as over taken by our red!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Britlyn is ready for the BIG game tomorrow!! As you can see in the Picture we are Ute fans!
This is Terry's favorite picture he this she looks like a ANGEL in it.. lol I think he meant the DEVIL!

So I am really excited for the Game and I am hoping the UTES will KILL BYU! But I know it will be a good game... But I am hoping the UTES come out on TOP! Terry and I have alittle bet going, he will not wear RED tomorrow cuz his Grandma is a HUGE BYU Fan, and of Course he can wear Blue cuz we are UTE fans! So he said he is going WHITE! He is a shit!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun Busy Weekend

Well we had quite the weekend it was fun and busy! It started off Friday with Terry buying a lil work car. He got a lil ford escort zx2 it is a cute lil car plus it gets great MPG! We had such a fun weekend plus we got to see lots of Family! My parent and my Grandma Julian came up to the Barrel race on Saturday to see Britlyn! Yes Ter and I know they don't come to see us! It was fun to hang out with them as always! Plus Terry's parents also came down to the Barrel race! So it was lots of fun to have both sides of Grandparents there.

This is Ter and Brit wait for me to finish getting ready so we could head to the Barrel race.. I love it the both look so cute in this picture I think!
I was so proud of Harley this weekend he worked great improved his time a half second between sat & sun! This is our picture from yesterday! I love it I think he looks great in it!

I love this picture too! @ the barrel race they had booths with stuff for sale like always and I found great stuff for Brit! Like this hooded towel! It is great and it is bigger then the Carters ones that she is growing out of!
I love this one too of course! She is now 8months old and thinks she should be able to walk! she pulls up on everything in site and then follows behind her car, but sometimes she forgets the car moves faster and falls! My mom got her some new nike's and gave them to her this weekend and wow she thinks those are the greatest thing ever!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Doctor Day

Yesterday Britlyn had to go to the Doctor for her 2nd Flu shot, she was not to happy! as soon as she seen the Doctor she started to CRY.. Well then she was happy again because the Doc left, well then we go back to the room and the Nurse comes in and I take off Brit's pants for her shot in the leg and she looks @ the Nurse and starts to CRY again! Poor girl hates it already! but 2 seconds after the shot she was happy again!
Here is her before she went to the Doctor
She is pretty proud of herself when she pulss up on everything!

This pictures is of her yesterday morning before we got dressed for the day! Just playing with her mummy! as you can see in the back ground she has a few toys! But the bouncer horse is her favorite

Thursday, November 6, 2008

YAHOO!!!! They did it! what an amazing GAME! WOW is all I have to say.. 13-10 for UTES! I am so so so excited!

What a kid

Seriously my kid is the funnest kid I have decided! I was talking on the phone with my mom and she was just crawling around, well she spotted the laundry basket with her clothes in it that were folded to go in her room, she had just woke up from her 12hour sleep.. YES she sleep 12 hours a night. anyways talking to my mom and watching her and she was pulling up on the basket well then went head first into the basket.. well had to get the camera cuz she is now just hanging out in the clean clothes and watching TV! God I just love this kid and all the funny things she does!

Next is a picture of her and I last night with her new beanie she got yesterday!

Last is Brit and her new ride!


GO UTES!!! So the UTES are playing TCU tonight and it is going to be a tough game, I am hoping the come out on top!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Well Friday I had to take Drake to the VET.. anyways he has had a ear infection that he can not seem to get over so now he is on the powerful stuff! Anyways he is on steriods also to kick this infection and let me tell you he thinks he can do anything! and he is SUPERDOG to boot!

This picture is of him and Ter on the hay.. Drake thought he needed to try and get up there with Ter, he tried a few times and then he finally made it with out hitting the ground! we had to get him down with the backhoe though! Crazy dog! Anyways they are on 3bales of hay so about 12ft high!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend wrap up

Well Halloween was tons of fun. We went down to Henefer and Coalville to see family. Britlyn was in her costume I think for about 10mins and then she was ready to take it off! She was so hot in it! Britlyn and Great Grandma Maxine

We also saw Robert, Vick, and Weston.. He is such a doll and Britlyn LOVES him! he looked so cute in his costume so I had to share! Brit and Weston Playing!

Weston cute as ever!

Saturday we hauled the rest of our hay and I am so excited to be done with hay for this year! we watched the U of U win thank god but how they did it I will never know it was a terrible game.. But glad my team pulled it out of a WIN! but they better get it together for TCU.
Today we just hung out and did stuff around the house, got all our fire wood chopped, I rode Harley and then we got the horses feet down!! Yeah us!
Britlyn and I are still fighting this cold/allergies.. I am not sure what it is the Dr. thought it was allergies but I am not to sure today cuz we both kind of have a cough now, so who knows what we have. It sucks whatever it is though.
All I know is I am not ready for winter still but @ least we are ready for it as far as the firewood and the hay goes! I am not looking forward in to riding in the cold winter weather! I forgot what it was like since I have not run barrels in the winter for a few years now. But I am starting to remember! Damn I hate WINTER!