Sunday, January 4, 2009

Southern Utah Bound..

Well Britlyn and I are heading down South today!!! I am pretty excited since this am when Terry left for work it was -16! Damn I thought winter was over! Hope everyone has a great est of the weekend.. I know I am ready for alittle warmer weather! I am sure Harley and the dogs are too
Brit is getting better and better walking now she only hold on to one of our hands now! That little shit will be running before I know it! Yesterday I could hear my phone vibrating but could not find it.. Low and behold Brit had it again and this time she put it in her toy box! Seriously know wonder why I never answer my phone!
Well It is now 8:05 and we still have not left! When Terry packed up the horse trailer this morning before work he must have hit the truck key to lock! oh yeah and my truck keys where in the TRUCK!! So my truck is locked with the keys in it! He was almost to work when I called.. So he is not on his way back home to unlock the truck! What a great morning so far!