Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rough Day!

So I wish I had my camera close this afternoon! I think it was the first time I did not! So Brit and I went down to drop off some purses and hats today and stop in quick to say Hi to Grandma Lucille! Anyways Brit had a blast as usual and was very tired and fought falling a sleep on the way home and just played instead.. Well we get home and I fed her and then went and did some chores, come back in and gave her a cookie in the high chair( I can't handle the mess and give cookies not very often! again hate the mess!) So she is playing with the cookie and it is all over her face and hands (YUCK) when all of a sudden she will not look @ me and keeps turning her head(weird!) So I am like Brit are you mad @ mom and take a closer look.. She had fell asleep in her high chair eating her cookie! It was so cute even though she was way messy! So I cleaned her up and laid her in bed. I just wish I would have grabbed my camera before I laid her down cuz she looks so damn cute!
I am happy to say Terry actually has a weekend off!! This weekend! Wahoo! Hopefully we will get my walker up and going Saturday!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brushing Teeth!

Well I posted last week about how Brit loves to get her teeth brushed well this morning when she woke up oh about 10mins ago is when she woke up! Anyways I was brushing her teeth, well when I finished she just took the tooth brush with her and put it in her mouth! So I thought it was way cute.. So I took some pictures of her brushing her teeth!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Horse Pics!

Well I finished the other two boys pages! now I just have the dogs to do! Scooters page!
Harleys Page!


Well the weekend was tons of fun, Terry took Saturday off since he had to have his blood drawn so we went down to visit Grandpa, Grandma and Great Grandma D. We had tons of fun, Great Grandma Max made Britlyn a beautiful blanket I will have to take some pictures.. She loves it by the way I have already washed it twice since Saturday! Brit also liked seeing another FROG LOVER! Aunt Teresa! The blanket is frog with tiara's to match her room!
Sunday Terry had to work so Britlyn and I went Barrel Racing.. For the first time with out help from family! It went well thanks to having some great friends help with Britlyn! Could not have done it with out any of you! So thanks and we love you all! ChaBlee, Debbie and Matt.. Also Elaine, Roy and Hadley kept Britlyn entertained too! I think Hadley is going to be her best friend @ the Barrel Races! Watch out Tanya she is going to try and still him I think! She just followed him around!
On another note I was pretty happy with my boys! They both did great but I of course did not ride to good and hit some barrels! Yes my knees still hurt alittle and I have some great bruises! (Not like my legs ever don't have bruises!)
Tucker has not ran barrels since September so I did not push him.. In shape but not the best still! He still ended up running a 2D time.( But hit barrel!) What a awesome horse!
Harley totally surprised me! He spooked pretty bad the last time we ran down in St. George so I just was wondering what was going to happen, well not a thing happened and he turned some very pretty barrels.. To close actually and I hit 2 of them! But I was so happy and just have to trust that he is going to work and get on and push him!
So I have been playing around with scrap blog and here is what I have done so far! I have been trying to figure out what to do for Britlyns birthday party and I tried pretty hard took me forever and several ideas later I finished up with this!

I also threw some pictures together of Tucker. So I only have 4 more animals to do!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well Brit got a bath in the big tub lastnight! She loved all that room and we bought some fun toys yesterday @ target! I think I had more fun with the big frog toy then she did!

She is such a little FISH! She loves to take a bath!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Drinking from a cup

Well today I decided to start helping Brit learn to drink out of a cup.. That was messy! Thank god it was only water! She did pretty good though once I help her take it to her mouth she will hold it there and drink! But then she also likes to put her hands inside and spill it over! But not to bad for day one I guess!
I think I am one of the most anal people when it comes to TEETH.. can't be many years in the Dental field! But I am all about kicking the bottle! Brit already loves to get her teeth brushed so we want to keep that going good! I think we are blessed with a great little girl she never was a fussy baby she has slept 10-12 hrs a night since she was 7 weeks old.. She still sleeps 12hrs a night and takes naps depending on the day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Brit's video of her walking this morning!

New favorite thing!

Okay my child is such a weird little girl I have decided! This picture is from last week when we were coming home from Southern Utah. Anyways her new favorite thing is to put her big toe in her mouth and suck on it! It is so funny.. But kind of sick in ways too! But I was laughing so hard driving I had to take a picture!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hide n Seek

So Brit decided to play hide n seek today I guess, we were playing in the living room when she headed down the hall( She is getting pretty good @ walking now) So I was going to get a video of her walking.. I will try and post. Anyways so she got to the end and went into her room( all other doors were closed) she did not come back on it was like 5min so I headed down to see what she was doing and when I got there had to turn around and go get the camera! too cute!
The little book she is holding is the book we read in the tub and she stills it every night and takes it to her room.

I thought it was so cute her in the middle of some of her stuffed animals!
So yesterday we had a pretty fun day Ter's parents came up and spent some time with BRITLYN I say Brit cuz they don't come to see US! Anyways it was great to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa.
They after they left had to run and do somethings in Evanston and when we got done Zach and Paula come over for a bit.. It was great to see them and Britlyn was a little show off for Paula it was way cute! Kelcee would not leave Zach alone! Yep we live in a jungle!
So we had a pretty fun weekend even though Ter had to work Saturday!
It was kind of a crazy weird weekend in the same Friday night of course FRIDAY the 13th! Scooter one of my Barrel Horses decided to walk down river(ON ICE) and get out of our pasture it was pitch black and he is a black horse but wearing red blanket, anyways the only way I even found out was Drake was barking like crazy and Tucker ( the tattle tail) was freaking out and whining like crazy) so thought I better go out and check them. Yeah it was way scary and took forever to find him could have killed him when I found him and knew he was okay! So when Ter got home he fixed that problem! Damn horses! Then Saturday I was riding Harley and poning Tucker( I am lazy some days!) and some how Harley slipped and fell on me crazy kind of weekend actually.. But Harley is fine thank god..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

11 Months


Where oh where does the time go? I swear it seems like yesterday I just had Brit. But today our baby is 11months old..
She is walking pretty darn good gets into everything and has her first black eye!

She has 3 teeth and she loves to have her teeth brushed!! So she has her own Dora spin toothbrush!
She is so much like Terry in ways and so much like me in other ways.. She is so stubborn (like me) it is always her way or she wants to through a fit! (must be TERRY!!) She hates to where socks! (That is Terry to a T..)

Friday, February 13, 2009


Well Brit got her first bruise on her face today!! She thinks it is great to climb all over Terry's gun case well she finally slipped today and hit her face! Poor lil girl has a bruise now!
I think it is kind of ironic it happened today since she was wearing her camo outfit! That's why she was so tough I guess.. cuz she really did not even cry!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Present!

Okay I just have to say I have the best husband ever! So it was going to be his weekend off this coming weekend but now they have a rig move so he has to go in and work. So when Brit and I got home lastnight we desided to do our Valentines gifts... So to my suprize he bought me this Diamond wedding band that I have been wanting forever! It was funny cuz I have not told him in a few months so I was totally suprized! I love the ring it is just too big so they are ordering a smaller size in but I get to wear this one tell my new one comes

As for his Valentines gift it is still up in the air! I was going to do a Alaskan Cruise but the days off where hard! So now we are just going to buy stuff for his Bronco!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I can not believe I forgot to add on the other post that Britlyn is walking!!! She is getting better and better each day. She is doing about 10-12 steps @ a time then she gets going to fast and falls on her bum and gets back up and goes again!
I will have to get a video of her walking it is pretty damn cute! She is also starting to say bye bye and waving and she also gives high 5! It is way cute!

Some of you may know we named Britlyn after one of the most amazing Barrel Horses I have ever seen. Well this past weekend Britlyn got to meet the Lady that owns the original Britlyn! I thought it was very cool that they came up to meet our little Britlyn! Of course Brit was being a show off and kept giving Terri high 5!

Week of crazy

Holy HELL it has been a week since I last updated! That is kind of a long time for me! So Britlyn and I heading down to Southern Utah Wednesday hoping for some awesome warm weather for a nice tan! Well what we got has been rain, snow and cold ass weather! What the HELL I need some HEAT!
I think Britlyn is thinking the same with in the pictures.. Where the HELL is the SUN?!
In this one she must have seen the SNOW outside!

I think she is now gagging @ the snow!
Now of course just laughing!
Okay so we came down to hang out with Mom and Dad and to do some Barrel Racing while I was here! Harley...( my BABY) Has been doing so well and getting better and better so I was pretty excited to come and try a new place! HAHA.. Well it was not what I was hoping for or expecting! I guess that why you have to season them right! Harley has never ran outdoors in competition and he has never even been under lights! Well lets just say it showed.. He was so nervous and anxious he did not want to go in the arena, by the time I got him up there to go in he just took off running! I was not ready @ all and our first run was horrible! He had good speed just the barrels were very wind and crazy looking, but to my surprise we still ended up in the 3D some how! So the next day was during the day so I was like it should be better he will be able to see everything and will be okay! WRONG! It was so much worse! He was still not sure of himself running him but he had a awesome first barrel so we headed to 2nd and something scared the hell out of him! he spooked and went the other way! poor guy! so I got him calmed down and we finished our run with a NO TIME cuz we broke the pattern! Oh well next time will be better!
Britlyn and I we suppose to head home today but we kind of got Snowed in so we are hanging out today with Grandpa and heading homing in the morning! I think we are both ready to be home and hangout with Ter/Daddy!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Just Pictures~

There are some funny pictures of Brit today, So sorry I had to share!


Well we were really hoping the the Arizona Cardinals were going to win! But on well! The commercials were okay my favorite one was the Budweiser Clydesdale of course! I loved when he went after his love Daisy!
Okay so Brit and I did not to a ton yesterday we just kind of took it easy! I love this picture she was growling @ me and chasing me down!

Brit watching the Superbowl! Drinking some water! She is pretty into the game!

I love how her month is already open before the sippy even gets there!

She is trying to get the walking thing down! She did like 5 steps last night to Terry before she fell and started crawling!

I really have know idea what she was doing in this picture!

She is getting so good @ just standing. She has pretty good balance now!

So I had to laugh @ Ter this morning, He took Kelcee to the vet for me and he was like do you have a blanket for her it is kind of cold in the car @ first.. Sure I went and got one of her blankets. I said well do you want me to put her sweater on her? his reply.." Not if you ever wanna see it again!" He did not want a pink dog sweater in his car I guess after he dropped her off! I told him he would look pretty Manly with a 6lb Min Pin on his lab with a pink sweater on!