Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Such a slacker~!

Well let see alot has happened sense my last post lol good and bad! In October we took Brit to Disneyland and she loved it! she had such a blast! They were having record heat for the week we happened to be there! loved it! it ended up 105* one day!
When we got home my sweet little Kelcee had very bad vet care while we were gone apparently making sure a dog is doing ok and drinking is something you should make sure and ask them they should do. :(  needless to say we lost her a week later, very hard to lose a dog when it was because of very poor vet care and she was healthy before we went. UGH Still pisses me off to this day to even think about it! None the less we bought a new puppy Sydnee Lou Whoo~ She was shipped from Arkansas and we just love her~ She has helped a ton with the loss of Kelcee. Brit to this day still wakes up @ nights crying because she misses Kelcee so bad but they are starting to be less and less. So thankful we are NO longer using any VETS here in Wyoming anymore~ We take all our animals to UTAH much better care!
Lets see Brit loves Preschool and she knows everything... if you don't believe just let her tell you! Never a dull moment in our house!
I stopped running barrels and riding in November Terry thought riding while there was ice was crazy haha! Dex is growing and oh boy so is my Belly~ again Brit lets me know daily how big my( BIG BELLY) is as she calls it! We have 2 more weeks and Dex will arrive! I know im ready for her to be about but not so sure we are ready for a baby! Brit is super excited to be a big sister!I on the other hand am super excited to know longer be fat and be back on my boys running again!
Terry will be turning 30 in the next week and a half! lol he is so not ready to be 30~ if you ask him he is 24 oh how he is so full of SHIT~!
Christmas was fabulous as usual we got lots of great gifts and it was fabulous just hanging out at home!
Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and there New Year is starting great too!!