Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just Play'n~

What a relaxing fun day we had yesterday!! We did yard work and played with Brit! Then went and rode the boys later!! Then Grandpa and Grandma stopped by since they were out looking around for some houses! Pretty great day!
Sorry I have tons of pictures that we took yesterday and these are not even half of them!
We tried something new with all Brits HAIR! I love the big girl ponytail!! It looks so cute but makes her look way to big!

Just has to tease Drake! She think it is great to steal the ball so he chases her!
Again teasing Drake! Notice the toy she is trying to grab!
another quick look at the big girl ponytail!

Checking out whats in her Wagon Grandpa and Grandma bought her! She loves this little wagon!
Taking a better look!
Running! She is such a funny little shit and is always getting into something!
I have know idea what in the HELL she is doing in this one!
Well hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the weekend, we and going to get panels today to put up some stall for the boys!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Well we made it back home from our fun weekend in Southern Utah! I would have liked the weather to have been alot warmer!! But it was still lots of fun and we were in shorts the whole weekend!! So can't get better then that! We went to a BBQ Saturday at my cousins house so that was fun to see everyone. Yesterday we went and did alittle shopping and then went for a Jeep and Bronco ride!! It was so much fun! Britlyn Loved riding in the JEEP with my parents!! She thought that was great! I forgot the camera though! But she liked the wind blowing on her! Must have felt like Home!!
So here are some pictures from this morning right before we left my parents house.. Britlyn playing outside like always!
After she was done playing with Grandma's Flowers!

Playing with Grandpa!
Grandpa, Grandma and Britlyn!! Poor kid needed her sunglasses with the Sun in her eyes!
Talking to Grandpa... Telling him what she wants!
Well hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I know we had a great one. Also have to tell Kelby Happy Birthday a few days late since we did not get on the blog and update for his Birthday Saturday.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

FUN in the SUN!

We had a fun day outside playing all most all day!! Brit was pretty tired last night after playing outside! She is so funny!! She loves to play with the dogs! And is really starting to wonder about the horses! We were playing out by the walker while the horses were on it and she kept trying to go see them! And would get pissed when I would stop her!
Loves playing in the grass barefoot!!

Gotta love dandelions

I love this one with Drake just watching her in the back ground!
Watching the dogs!
Playing with Kelcee
Playing with Drake! She looks big tell Drake is next to her!
Brit and Drake having a stand off!!! She kept stealing his toys!
Well I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend! Brit and I will be playing outside again with the dogs! Pretty excited for Memorial weekend!!! We are off to Southern Utah for some HOT weather!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Loud Mouth!

So we had a pretty fun day today!! Terry took the day off so we went and did a little shopping and stopped by to see Grandpa and Grandma Diston!! Brit played with the rocks and dirt!! Then she noticed the cows! She thought there were pretty cool, but then the cows saw her and took off! I just love this picture think it is pretty cute with all the green grass!

Okay so if you know Britlyn you know she is a freaking LOUD mouth!! She thinks it is so funny to yell and scream at the top of her lungs! It is too funny not to laugh at her! But then she really gets going because we are laughing so hard! So her she is showing off at how loud she is! She is not mad in anyway! Just likes to show off her voice! Brit and Daddy walking around!

Just kind of a random face and picture!
Playing in the ROCKS! what is better then rocks?!
Really wanting to play in the dirt but Daddy holding her back!
Again I just think this is way cute!
Well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We will be hanging out watching the Preakness!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

~Wild Child~

Brit is so freaking funny she just kills me! But she is a Wild Child! She is always into something and OMG she is like having a DEMO crew in the house 24/7! This is her newest favorite thing to do! Sorry the video is not the best but the phone was all I had next to me!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Race For The CURE!!!

I had to steal these off Teresa's Blog! Anyways here we are all @ the race supporting Lucille! The sun was in our eye's! I was not smart and forgot to grap my sunglasses out of the jeep!

Wow is all I have to say! I headed out early yesterday morning to go to the Race for the Cure! It was amazing. I can not believe how many people were there walking and running. It was unbelievable to see that many people in front of us and behind us! It was so much fun! We got tons of free stuff and had such a good time! I just wished it would have been alittle warmer! We froze! As soon as I get some pictures I will post them! I met tons of new people that was walking with us for the support of Lucille and others. Thanks guys we had lots of fun!
Britlyn and Terry hung out @ home while I went down, since I left @ 5am we did not want to wake Brit up so Ter stayed home and had a Dad and Britlyn day! We are all excited for next years race! We have already decided we are going all out and making some fun hats!
We all waited in line for these cute pink capes!!! I wore mine threw the walk and loved it!! When I got home I was showing Terry all our stuff and Brit was playing in it all.. Well he seen the Pink Cape and he said that will be what he is wearing during his next Barrel Race! Well those of you who know Terry.. He is very serious about making people laugh! So yes look of him in Salina's mens race with a Pink Cape... Or for those of you who attend the Power of Pink Barrel Race he will be running Barrels with the race for the cure pink cape on! Gotta love him!
Hope everyone has a great Mothers Day.
Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and Lucille. Thank you guys for everything and we love you!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Play'n Outside!!!

Finally everyone!! I got a few new pictures today! Sorry they are not the best.. But still they are pictures! Brit and I played outside for a few then it got way windy so we came inside! I got some work done while Britlyn took a NAP!!! Yippie! Got the yard mowed and the Horses worked and alittle house cleaning done!
Brit just hanging out holding my powerade!

Look at all this HAIR!!! I love it!
Going for the wind blown look!

I just love her face in this one! She is such a cutie!
Well I hope to get some better pictures soon! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I have really been a slacker on pictures I know... Since like idk how many of you have told me about it!! So here are just a few random pic's.. Sorry I know not the best but I will do better tomorrow!
So Brit is doing a few new things... She is totally wild and has such a temper! So her new favorite place to sit is in the toys!
She just learned how to take her own shirt off today and has been taking off pants for about a week.. Guess she does not like clothes! She kind of looks pissy in this picture!

Learning how to dance! It is so funny she just started this running in place and dancing thing a few days ago! She has been watching dancing with the stars to much I guess!
Pretty proud of herself~
Okay So I will really get some new pictures the next few days! Hope everyone has a great night! I am off to watch Criminal Minds!!! ~ Gotta love Morgan on there!


So today is Lucille's Bday and Mine! Not much going on here just another wild day with Britlyn! I will get some new pictures today and post then since it has already been a week! Where does the time go?
Lets see the weekend was great went barrel racing! Did good one day then sucked ASS the other! Rick and Lucille came up and we had dinner for our Birthday's and then we just kind of hung out! WOW almost forgot!!! How about the Kentucky Derby!! What a amazing race!! Way to go Mine that Bird!
Well Happy Birthday Lucille hope it is great!! Brit and I are going to ride the horses today!