Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not much new going on here Saturday I went Barrel racing on my baby Harley it was great!! He ran well but I hit barrels both goes! DAMN IT!!
Britlyn and I went shopping all day yesterday and that was tons of fun as always! and today she woke up with tons of snot! yuck.. So off to the Doctor we went and they are not for sure if she has a cold or Allergies.. It sucks cuz of Halloween and we were going to go see Kelby and Kinzee and then Kinzee gets blessed on Sunday. But Dr. said to stay clear of Kinzee just in case Britlyn is sick.
So had to go get our prescription @ walmart and while we were waiting I found me a new camera!! So of course we had to buy it!
So here our a few new pictures of Britlyn today after the doctors and with my new CAMERA!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So I had to share this cute picture of Britlyn, I took it when we were shopping @ cal ranch yesterday! I just love how blue her eyes look in it! Plus she looks like a big girl!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Okay so we are still trying to get everything in the house together little by little but here our a few pictures of it so far!

We finally got our livingroom set lastnight it has been for ever long waiting! Kelcee loves that her bed is on the arm rest of the one section! she loves to be close to the fire!

I love this picture of Britlyn, this is Monday after we had been gone all day with Terry she finally got home and got out of her car seat and she wanted to go back in it I guess! She loves to be in there!
I thought this little outfit was way cute so of course I had to take some pictures!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Okay so last Thursday Britlyn said her first WORD! Yep that's right said her first word, it is so freaking cute to hear her talk but yet it is kind of scary having someone else just jabbering besides me! So her first word was DADA.. It is so cute to hear her little voice. It seriously has been the craziest last few days we have been running a hundred miles an hour and Britlyn has be in bed late every night. Well as you can tell so have I since it is midnight and I am still awake! We went hunting tonight seen so a nice Bull Elk, and a cow elk. Some nice Bucks but of course Terry will not kill unless it is a MONSTER! And we also seen a Moose. the Moose was so beautiful it was a big bastard too! Went and did so shopping @ Sam's club and target today also. Pretty fun day. I bought Britlyn he first pair of Wranglers yesterday and she wore them today, she looked so cute in them. As for anyone who watches College football... the UTES KICKED ASS yesterday! YAHOO!!! I am so excited, oh yeah and BYU got there ASS KICKED Thursday night! YAHOO again!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ears Pierced!

So today we got Britlyn's ears pierced! she did so good! and she looks so cute! She only cried for a min and then she forgot all about it! Wish I would have had them done yesterday for her pictures!

Love this lil face she was pulling! this was after they were done!
Now she is pissed!


Well yesterday I took Britlyn to get her pictures done! It was so much fun as always! She is such a cutie and loves to get her pictures taken so it is always easy! Here our my favorites! I loved them all but these ones were the top!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

~Lil Stinker~

Well Britlyn and Kelcee our going to be Skunk's for Halloween.. So today I just had to try Britlyn's costume on her, it is just so damn cute! So here is my first lil stinker!

And of course my second lil stinker!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Okay I just had to post a few more pictures since I got her dressed for the day and she looked so damn cute!

7 months old

Wow today Britlyn is 7months old I can not believe how time has just flown by... It is just crazy it seems like just yeasterday I had her and today she is crawling everywhere and getting into everything!
Poor lil girl is starting to teeth I believe and wow is sucks she is not to happy, but Thanks GOD Katie told me about these amazing lil tablets! the are wonderful and they sure do help! So Britlyn has picked up GROWLING from somewhere, she has been doing it for awhile but now she is always growling @ us! It is so funny and if we growl @ here she does it back.. I really think she thinks she is a puppy! She just loves Drake and Kelcee.

Robert, Vicki and the Boys stopped by for a visit the other night, it was so nice they come by.. and let me just say Britlyn loved Weston! it was so cute she would not take her eyes off him.. She really watched Wyatt and Waylon also but there was something about Weston she just loved, she was so cute with her too. Plus she was chasing Kelcee all over the house.. I loved it Kelcee is still tired today.
I love this picture of Britlyn sleeping in her horse... It is so cute she just loves her horse so much and then falls asleep bouncing what a kid!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wet Winter Weekend

Well we had quite a fun weekend, Grandpa and Grandma come up for the weekend it was great to have my parents up for a few days.. Did not do a ton though! we hauled hay on Friday before we got all the snow Thank God.. My dad and I just got the hay in the barn when it started to Snow on us Friday night. Then it just seemed like it would never end we woke up to about 3-4inches and then it just kept coming.. We were going to go to SLC shopping but GOING TO was the key word! We sat in traffic for about 30mins on I80 just past Lyman and we decided to turn around cuz we were not moving... well good thing cuz they had closed the roads down! so we just chilled..
Today seemed like the same SNOW SNOW and more SNOW! I took a few pictures around the house this morning...

I just LOVE this picture of Harley! It kills me! He was wanting a kiss this morning but I took his picture instead, as for you that all know HARLEY~ he is my baby and the funnest horse you will ever be around.

Mom and Dad headed about down to Southern Utah this AM wish they were able to stay longer but @ least we got to hang out for a lil bit.. Hopefully they will move up this way so we can see them alot more.

Friday, October 10, 2008

WINTER wonderland

Okay can I just tell you I am not ready for Winter @ all! I am ready to run Harley all winter just not ready for the cold weather! We are going to get our hay for the year today and yes it is going to SNOW on us.. My boys are in there heavy winter blankets and loving it cuz it is freaking freezing! ~God I LOVE WYOMING~. Anyways I just needed to complain! So Terry sent me a picture this am of what he had on his truck this morning, yep that's right SNOW. YUCK I am not wanting cold weather yet!

Oh yes and I just wanted to THANK CHABLEE on telling me she was still wearing TANKS I am so coming to Texas.. I have been wearing beanies and coats all week while I have been riding!

Okay so my parents are coming up for the weekend and bring our furniture that was down there. I am way excited for them to come up and hangout with us and play with Brit and of course put them to work cuz they our hauling hay with me today!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Yahoo!!! She finally did it! I am so excited it was so fun to watch... Lil Miss BRITLYN crawled today! She is kind of slow but it is so cute to watch~ But everytime I get out the camera she stops! So I will try and get some pics or a video!


Okay so I took some pictures this morning while Britlyn was sleeping.. I just love this picture of DRAKE~

Here are all the boys just loving there pasture! Drake also thinks he is a horses!
I think this is a sweet picture of Tucker, since you can see his reflection in the water!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lots of stuff

Okay well lets see we started our day by going to the Doctor, Britlyn had her 6month appt today.. oops a little late! she is now almost 7months! Oh well! So she weight 16lbs and she is 26.5in I think my kid is going to be tall!

Next we went shopping for somethings @ walmart that I did not have @ the house, hum lets just say I did not have alot of things!

Then I went and rode Harley for the second day! Yeah me!!! I am so excited to start running again, Harley is doing good and feeling good and I am happy to say the ULCERS are finally gone!

Here is Drake, he just loves hanging out with the horses.

Harley Just chilling while I take his picture after I got done riding!

Here is Tucker down in the river that runs threw our pasture, Harley and I were just watching him drink and play in the river.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

~Home Sweet Home~

Well it was a long weekend for work and long nights but it is all worth it! we are in the house and love it! We still have a few boxes but for the most part we are finished! we just need to go and buy a living room set and we will totally be finished!

Kelcee is loving the new house cuz she has been sleeping in bed with Terry and I now! Britlyn thinks her room is pretty cool! She loves her bed! As for Drake he thinks the greatest thing in the world is to lay out in his back yard and look around and of couse when we go back with the horses he loves to chase them!

Lets see the horses love the pasture! It is so funny to watch them, they love all the green grass, but you know they are barrel horse when @ 7 lastnight I went out to put on there blankets they came running! they are too funny and such pets! So of course I had to throw them some alfalfa and give them there grain! We have a river that runs threw the pasture so that was different for tem to get water! as Terry says they are now almost horses since they now drink from the river!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Let the moving begin!

So we finally closed on our house THANK GOD. So yesterday Britlyn and I went to start cleaning! not alot you can really get done with a 6month old! So I get to finish today while Grandma Lucille babysits Brit! We did have the carpets cleaned yesterday so it should not be bad today!!
All I know is WE are so ready to be in the house with all of our stuff there too!