Saturday, January 31, 2009

Brit and I went a did alittle shopping yesterday, nothing really that fun though! Had to get some stuff for when we head to Southern Utah next week.. I am hoping that it stays nice and warm down there while we are down there hanging out!

Here our some Pic's from yesterday! She was looking @ my like to do ever put that camera down! She was trying to watch DORA!
I think she was thinking if I don't smile will you leave me alone!
Just hanging out!
She loves to just stand now! and is always playing patty cake!
Nothing really planned for the weekend going to go ride the boys in just alittle bit, but other then that just taking it easy!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend

Thursday, January 29, 2009


So today is Ter's Birthday he is 27 today! I can not believe 27 where has the time gone! who knows... Poor guys he had to leave for work today @ 4am! I did not get up with him today!

Anyways Happy Birthday Babe! We love you!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brit is getting so big it is crazy to me! This is this morning or like 10mins ago! Anyways I just love this little outfit! I got it way back @ my Baby shower and it seems like @ the time it was going to before ever before she got to wear it! It is 12-18 months! Anyways I got it from one of the great ladies I used to work with, she said when she gave it to me that when she saw it she had to get it cuz it would fit my future daughter! Well she knew me to well and Yes that is Britlyn to a T!! The shirt says SASSY.. Anyways Thanks Crystal you are the greatest and I love this outfit!
So I am pretty proud of the next two pictures Britlyn is finally getting in some teeth Wahoo!! and you can see them in the next pictures! She is love teeth! kind of funny... she loves to play in every ones mouth.... Guess she gets it from me huh!

One of Britlyn's many Christmas presents! She i not sure of the rocking part she just loves to bounce on it! and likes to chew on the mane and tail!! My poor horses are in for it with her!
Walking is the greatest thing ever and she is getting better and better each day! she now just stands by herself and has taken a step from time to time with out holding anything but then falls after!
I love this one of her walking away thought it was pretty cute!

Have a wonderful day! tomorrow is Ter's Birthday!! Wahoo!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Okay serious what the hell! I am so sick of the winter I could just scream! Sunday it was 49 outside it was wonderful! This morning it was-7 I am erady to be done with the cold & snow!

So I was working Harley yesterday and it was awhole 0 degrees! Yikes I think Harley was like what the hell women...

Drake is also such a sissy about cold weather, My dog the damn dog sleeps in the back room with the heater running all night! My damn animals are so spoiled!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Snowsuit Time~

Today was kind of a lazy day for us! Kind of nice actually! Terry went outside this afternoon to start working on the horse walker so Britlyn and I decided to go out and Help! But it was windy and a little chilly so I got her all dressed in her snowsuit she looks so cute and was not to happy with me because she could not crawl away from me too fast!
I have her snowsuit half way on and she is posing like always!

Still happy!

This one kills me all done up with gloves, boots and all we need is the coat! She was so funny, she just sat there like she could not move!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

So yesterday was a pretty good day, Terry got off work early which never happens so we went down to get my horse walker! I am so excited now I just can't wait for him to put it all back together and start using it!! It is going to help out a ton to get my boys back in to shape and keep them in tip top shape over the summer!! THANK YOU CHABLEE!!!

Here is Brit yesterday I really like this outfit! Was trying something new with the head bands!
She is getting some teeth in finally and she is not the too happy about it but for the most part she has been pretty good! I really liked this picture but I don't know what I did to it damn it!

Another just typical picture of Brit.. Always smiling!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lets see the weekend was great. Britlyn and I went shopping Saturday! I really think Brit and I shop alot! Know wonder why she has so many clothes! Then after shopping we went and seen Grandpa and Grandma Diston, it was tons of fun have not seen them in a few weeks and Britlyn loves to play with them!
Here our some pictures of Brit yesterday! I just love this little outfit and I love the shoes! They are cute little sketchers my mom bought her for Christmas!
I love this face!

Standing like a big girl!
I think she just looks @ me sometimes and is what the hell, do you ever stop taking pictures of me!
Sunday we went Barrel Racing to see if I remembered to do everything that I learned @ the Ed Wright clinic! Well The first barrel was awesome! I remembered to have my hand up and forward.. then I forgot on the other 2 barrels! But all in all it was pretty good I bumped the 2nd barrel and my knee still feels it today. But it was alot of fun and I am so happy with Harley! We are getting better and better each time!! Wahoo we made it into the 3D this time! Now we just need to remember to get my hand where it needs to be on 2nd & 3rd and for Harley not to stop before the timer! But we are getting there!
I started working Tucker last week alittle bit and then gave him the weekend off, and worked him yesterday.. I am really excited to get him going and then Scooter!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Here is what Britlyn started off today looking like.. She look so cute with her headband and flower well it lasted tell I finished pictures! The it was a ponytail and bow!.. So we went shopping today for some more pj's and got one more outfit while we were there too! Like she needed anymore clothes but that's okay they were cute!
Seriously she is so cheesy it is not even funny!

I like the innocent face
So these ones were from yesterday.. This is her new thing she does with her tongue! She finally has a tooth that broke threw the gums! So now she does this I guess it feels cool to her tongue!
Watching Dora again! God she loves Dora!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Britlyn and the Boys...

Britlyn just loves getting her pictures taken, it is so funny as so as she sees the camera she does something cute or tries to take the camera. These are of her yesterday before we went shopping. I love the puffy vest she looks like such a big girl in it! I swear she was posing in this picture!

Again always cheesy!
So this am I took the boy's blankets off. It is going to be nice and warm so I thought it would be nice for them to roll around with out the blankets.. The first picture is of my old man Scooter.. He is going to be 17yrs this year and does not look nor act 17! He is so fat right now though it is kind of sad! It is going to take me for ever to get him and Tuck in shape! Guess I need to go pick up my walker.. huh ChaBlee!
Next of course is my Baby Boy Harley! If you know me you know this horse is my BABY.. In my mind he does know wrong! He is just the funnest and funniest horse you will ever be around and he is such a sweetheart with Britlyn and is such an ass to the other boys! But it is funny cuz he does it when I am not looking and looks innocent when I am looking!
Last but not least is the Main man around here! Tucker.. He is such an amazing animal and so full of talent it is not even funny! Last year I was not able to run him or ride him a ton but the times I did WOW he almost always landed me in the 1D and a check! He and Scooter are so chubby right now it is funny! Well time to start getting him in shape so we can start running again!
Hope everyone was a wonderful weekend. Britlyn and I are going to do alittle shopping tomorrow and then off Barrel Racing Sunday if everything goes good and Terry don't have to work Sunday!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

10 Months old..

I just love this picture! Brit looks like she is so innocent.. LOOKS is the key work! She is getting so fast going to be a year old before long.
She is such a little cheese ball! I have know idea were she gets it!!

I believe she was watching Dora in this one!
And of course she is doing patty cake which she loves to do!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home~

Well Brit and I made it home safe and sound. It was so much fun down with my parents! I almost hated to leave.. Plus it was going to be way warm down there this week in the high 50's! I had the greatest time down @ the clinic I am still amazed home much I learned and can not wait to go to our next race! To see how we do.. and see if I remember everything to do! I was so excited on our way home today as we were coming threw Heber Britlyn got hungry so I stopped to warm up some milk and low and behold my Best Friend in the whole world!! was getting gas in her car!! So I am happy to say I got to visit with Couey alittle and she got to hold Brit.. Then Brit did not want her to go and did not want to come back with me! I have not seen Krystal in almost a year and it was great to see her! It is funny in just a few days have seen two of my oldest and best friends.. Glad I got to see Ashlee and Krystal. Love you both and it was great seeing you both. Can't wait to see you again!
As too Lacy and ChaBlee.. Yes Britlyn does have tons of clothes! I will take a picture of her closet.. Kind of sad she has more close then me! She does not wear each outfit a whole lot since she has so many and she grows out of them so fast! So it really don't look like by the picture she has that many clothes.. These are just the ones that fit her right now and does not include what she has in her dresser. Which has 5drawer and all full of clothes.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Week wrap up!

Wow what a fun time we have had down here and now it is finally getting warm! The Ed Wright Clinic was awesome! I learned so much and had so much fun @ it! I met lots of new people and had tons of fun with Ashlee and Betsy! Thanks to Ashlee recording Ed working with me I can now watch it all the time! I am so excited to go to our next barrel race so I can ride Harley how Ed worked with us to see how much better we can do! I can't wait to go to another Clinic of his!
Anyways let do a few pictures of Britlyn cuz I know most of you just want to see Brit! I love putting Brit's hair in pigtails cuz they just fit her personality! so I love this picture!
Here she is getting ready to stand up all by herself! she thinks she is such a big girl!

Her in her horse which she loves! It will be a sad day when she grows out of this!
Britlyn has learned that Kelcee sometimes goes and sleeps in her crate so now Britlyn tries to get in the crate! What a kid..
Playing patty cake! She loves patty cake and thinks she is so cool when she does it on her own!
Playing with a tag on a new shirt I bought her.. Tags are the best toy she could have!
Just hanging out after a long day of SHOPPING!!
Well we have had a great time down here, but are ready to head home! So nice to get away.. But so nice to get home!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Beautiful day in St. George..

Well Britlyn and I had a great day in St. George yesterday, we went to the arena and I rode Harley it was great the weather felt awesome it was 38 by the time we left and it felt so warm!! It was cold for them but when we left Wyoming it was -16.. It was warm to me! I thought this picture of Brit was way cute! she was all bundled up in her warm coat and blanket and my coat on top of all that! She was so funny and loud! The whole time I was riding Harley she was just jabbering and yelling Dada... She loved it when Harley and I would come over by the fence she would start laughing!
Here is Harley after his ride! I am sure he was thinking .. Man this weather is awesome! Well Harley did great and felt great so I think we are ready for the Ed Wright Clinic now!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Okay what the HELL! I was coming SOUTH for warm weather! They have more snow then we do in WYOMING.. Today when we went to Cedar City it started snowing again! Seriously I am wanting some WARM weather! Terry said I better just keep driving maybe I will fine warm weather in ARIZONA or TEXAS! So here is a picture of the front of my parents house.
Alittle different view of more snow!

This is the one side of the pasture..where the horses are not at!
Okay so here is Brit with her new horse that Grandpa and Grandma Diston bought her for Christmas!! She loves this horse!
I have know idea what she was doing but I love this picture anyways!
Here she is walking with her wagon my parents bought her the other day! she thinks this is pretty sweet also! The little shit is a pirate though... She steals my phone all the time well lastnight she stole my ipod and put it in her wagon and I found her with it this morning.. What a kid we have!
Again I really have know idea what she is doing.. But she is cute!