Monday, May 2, 2011


Well it looks like this week we may actually have a little spring weather! (about time!) Well Brit enjoyed easter this year so much! wow she was a egg find girl! The Easter bunny did goo tell the nest day ( when he took pack his plastic eggs for next year!) She was not happy! She told me that the DAMN bunny stole her bubbles too!

 Saturday before Easter Brit entered her first barrel race! Her and Harley had been practicing.... notice the pics! Well When the race rolled around Harley remembered he was a barrel horse again! so he was a little handful but she hard fun and I walked them!
 Brit was so excited because she won! ( they gave them the money we paid for the entry fee back!) plus they gave all the kids halters and leads! She was so happy about her win! Not she tell me everyday that we need to go to the barrel race so she can win!

 Brit & Harley(dirty!) they are so in love with each other!
 Happy Girl!

 Had to add my baby boy Ryker! I am so happy with this boy! Just love him so much and he is coming along so nice!
Hope everyone is ready for SUMMER like we are!