Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where have we been!

 Love this sweet face!

ME, MOM & TIFF at Christmas party!

Okay so its been several months! I don't even remember what we have been doing! But I'm sure it was fun! I can't believe this already Christmas here in just a few days!
Brit is totally into Christmas this year! So it has been such a blast! She loves to go out and see the Christmas lights!
There for awhile I thought it was going to be a dry Christmas but then we started getting tons of rain and then the SNOW! we have been shoveling snow for days now! I'm kinda sick of SNOW already!
We sold our horse trailer a few weeks ago so that was pretty exciting! But now hunting for a new trailer is not really that fun! I have to find one here soon! lol I need to get my horses feet done!
In October @ state finals barrel race my most favorite horse I own coming around the 2nd barrel had a really hard turn he finished his run and worked great I might add! But as we ran out of the arena and into the warm up barn when he started settling down he had a limp to him ( NEVER A GOOD THING!) Few days later I got him into the vet and he actually Chipped his Coffin bone. So it was a wait and see game there for a while! I had to have the shoer makes some weird shoes etc..  Well I got the ok from my vet to ride him but still need to get him reshoed! lol  After alot of thought about it I think we have decided to just give Harley to Britlyn to ride(we will see what spring brings though!)
Brit was Cruella Devil for Halloween this year we also dressed Kelcee up as the dalmatian! They were super cute I have too say!
Terry and I were pretty good too!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Family Pictures.. Sneek Peek!

Yes I know I am a slacker! So here our some family pics!
Brit & Harley.. I just love this pictures! She just loves to give him kisses and he loves to receive them!

Half of the Family! Still have more to come with the dogs and Goat! But the big boys were great! Brit was the hardest one that day! She was tired and not in to mood for pictures!
Love these ones of Brit & Har

Terry & I and of course the baby Ry was not looking at Vick!
If anyone is needing family pictures VB Photography is so amazing!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where do August go?!

Lets just say August was busy! OMG busy! I am pretty sure we did not sleep much or were even home much! Between Fair, Salina & Billing I think we lived in the Truck & Horse trailer!
Brit is getting to be so big! I can pretty much say she is finally POTTY trained!!! YAHOO!!! She thinks it is awesome to use the potty now!

I just love all these Cheesy pics of her!

Well I hope that September may not be as busy as August but I'm sure it will be!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Random pics from weekend!

I can not believe it! Summer is just about over how SAD! This past weekend we took Brit down to the derby and she loved it! It was a great derby and fun to see lots of people we have not seen for awhile! This week starts the fair now so lots of late nights and fun times!
My little cheese ball Brit!

I love this picture! she makes me laugh
I have know idea why she did this face but it makes me laugh!

While we were out putting up next on the pipe yesterday Brit was playing like always! Well when we came in the house we noticed she decided to dirt war paint all over her face! So had to take a pic!
Well hope everyone has a great week! I know we are going to!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Wow were did July go?! Well lets see we finally finished all our pasture pipe fence!! WAHOO! Now just need to start the barn & more fence!
July went so fast it is amazing! My Mom, Brit & I all went down to Salina for the barrel race! Oh how I love running in Salina! The boys both did better then they ever had down there so I was super excited! Brit has been using the potty for 5days in a row so far!!! WAHOO! So hopefully we are getting close!
I just love these cheesy little pictures of Brit! She makes me laugh so much!

Always wants a picture!
Serious for once!
Laying down on her couch!
Well I hope everyone had a fabulous July! Hopefully I will be better at blogging next month!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Well yesterday we went to the Zoo!! Brit had a blast! Her favorite things were the slide & Giraffe!
Brit, Terry & I

Brit, Giraffe, Grandma Lucille and Papa Rick
Brit & Daddy

Brit & Grandma
Brit & Momma
Just playin
Just loved this! Had a melt down when Terry and to take her off!

Brits favorite animal at the Zoo!!

We had such a great day at the Zoo!! Weather was awesome! So glad that Summer has finally arrived!