Sunday, March 29, 2009


So we had such a fun weekend! My parents came up to the barrel race in Farmington this weekend so Britlyn was able to spend the last 2 weekends with Grandpa & Grandma! She had a blast! She is so worn out tonight!
So yesterday @ the barrel race it was so nice and warm it was 62 and beautiful!! I had Harley and Tucker entered but when we got there Harley was alittle stiff so I decided to run the old man Scooter. Scoot has not ran in like 7months and I have been only riding him a little but he went and filled in! Tuck did good still blowing past our 1st barrel and still not running fast fast! But it was not bad 16.4 so we will keep it! Scooter man did good for not being ready to run yet for the year he ran 17.1. Dad and Patch did really well to 16.7.
Well today came and it was FREAKING FREEZING! OMG it was so damn cold and snowy I was ready to die! Warming Tucker up I was shaking so bad! Tuck was kind of a ASS warming up so I really got after him and made him really work in warm up! Well he did awesome today! Still blew the 1st but we cleaned it up.. But we took down the 2nd coming out of it! I was so mad when I seen my time.. He ran a 15.8!! The fastest I have ever ran in there! Yeah Tuck man! I am so excited to go to Salina in the next few weeks! Well the surprises did not stop there! Scooter did freaking awesome too! He really went in and worked! He ran the fastest he ever has in that arena 16.3! Go scoot man he was right out of the 2D money damn it! But that's okay! Tucker would have been like 5 or 6 if we would have not takin down the barrel! Well My Dad had a even better day then me! He and patch ran .007 off there time yesterday and this one was a target race.. So he WON the SADDLE!!! We had such a great day I am so excited @ how well my boys did and for my Dad and Patch winning the target saddle!! I will try and post our videos! Sorry Grandpa and Grandma D.. Still know knew pictures of Britlyn! I will work on getting some this week!


canchaser_412 said...

that is so awesome... Congrats to your dad.... and to you for making them work for you...