Friday, March 13, 2009


So today is my old mans Birthday! Scooter is 17 today! WOW.. He sure does not act 17 nor does he look it!
So besides that Scooter is 17 today, Brit is 1yr tomorrow!! I can not believe it! Terry and I were talking about it last night we don't even remember what we were doing a year ago! The only thing we both remember is driving to the hospital @ 6am!
Britlyn and I are heading down to the horse expo today!! See what we can find! UMMM I think I could find a new living quarters horse trailer!!! I have been trying to tell the Grandparents that is what Britlyn wants for her birthday! But for some reason I don't think she is getting one! I don't know why, since that is what SHE asked for!!
Well tomorrow Terry has to work so Brit and I are going down to do pictures!! So I will share them when we get the done!
Have a great weekend!


The Nilsons said...

Hey I will be at the expo! Hopefully I get to see you & your cute lil one!!