Friday, March 6, 2009

Kodak Moments~ Priceless!!!

It's 5 o'clock somewhere right!

Oh THANK GOD for Camera's!! I was in the kitchen getting some milk out of the fridge for Britlyn when she hears me open it up! She loves to play in the fridge?! So I let her whatever as my phone rang it was my Grandma so I am talking to her when I turn back around Britlyn found the beer!! I am laughing so hard talking to Grandma and tell her about Brit so I get the camera since I had just takin pictures of her not long ago and posted the camera was still on the table..
The pictures are out of order sorry! But here they go!


Here was the start of it all. Notice the dog leash around her! One of her favorite toys! She stole it from Kelcee! Thank God it was new and very even on Kelcee yet!
One to many I guess!
This is quite the face!
Okay sorry! I will quit posting pictures for today! But loved them and had to share!


Robert~ Vicki~ Wyatt~ Waylon~ Weston said...

That is funny!! She has to be the cutest under age drinker i've ever seen!!!

Paula and Zach said...

I seriously can't stop laughing! That is way too funny!

canchaser_412 said...

he he awesome pics... that is being at the right place at the right time