Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend of Surprises

Well our weekend was full of surprises! Started off with our hotel not having our reservation that was booked almost 2months ago! Then it just went from there! My Good horse Tucker that has been working so great decided that this weekend he would not work @ all.. That was just Freaking wonderful! My old Man Scooter ran the fastest he ever has in that arena Friday night. My lil Boy Harley also ran the fastest he ever has in that arena! It was a fun weekend, Brit was so wild and all she wanted to do was run around so poor Terry chased her all weekend long plus helped me and filmed the boys and he also ran Barrels in the Mens race Saturday night! I was very proud of him and Scooter they did great would have won some money I think in the 2D but Terry hit some barrels! This is the greatest picture! It is bad when your husband has a better picture on your horse then you do!!

My friend Debbie kicked ass over the weekend she won Saturday with the most beautiful run on Striker... Harley's half sister!! One day he might learn to run like her!!! I am hoping! and her young horse Koda has been coming along so nice for her she ended up winning on both of the yesterday!! So way to go Debbie you rock!! Thank God for Debbie yesterday she let me know that I was up in 10 on Scooter oops!! So her and I booked it outside to get scoot ready and I made it in the barn just as the runner right before me was in the arena.. again oops! Thank god it was Scooter and he is such a great horse he just went in and worked! I think if I would have been ready he would have done even better but oh well! He did great anyways! It is the funnest thing to think that My baby boy Harley.. Out of my 3 had the fastest time!! OMG never thought I would be saying that! I am proud to say Harley ran a 16.5 yesterday! Scooter ran a 16.5 also just a hair slower then Harley. All in all it was a good weekend.
Brit and I did the Easter egg hunt in the arena Saturday night! She got one bag of candy and just sat down in the arena like umm.. I am done now! My Dad and Patch also did well over the weekend but we were all out of the money yesterday... Damn it. But Harley did pick up a check Saturday!!
We also got to see Grandpa and Grandma Diston yesterday on our way home so that was nice! They have not been able to see her in a month!!