Monday, April 6, 2009

Snow Snow please go away!

Brit and I have decided it may not look like SUMMER outside but it is going to be inside! She has been wearing her sandals and shorts the last few days! I am so ready for Salina this weekend I hope we get some sunshine and warm weather! It was nice outside today and alittle of the Snow melted but it is such heavy snow the mud is terrible.. urrr.. My boys I think could have went swimming rather then walking on the walker! They were covered to there knees in mud after being on the walker! I had to do some major grooming! I have know idea about the face Brit's making in this one!
I think she was watching Kelcee!

Brit just being the little animal that she is!


The Leggs said...

Stop in Salina and then keep coming south. Jaxan and I have been wearing shorts and t-shirts OUTSIDE :) for the last few days. Supposed to be beautiful this weekend.