Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wagon Ride

Wahoo!!! I am super excited! Terry got home early from work today! So he put Brit's wagon together that Grandma & Grandpa Diston bought her for her Birthday!! She loves it! She was laughing so hard the whole time we pulled it around! I just love this pic she has such a cutie smile!!!
Of course she has to be sticking out her tongue in a picture!

It was windy so we were trying to make her keep a blanket on! Gotta love pink John Deere!
We are oh so safe! Letting her stand up!
Just had to share a few more pics we just took! And say thanks Grandpa & Grandma Diston again!! She loves her wagon! I think this will be her new ride @ the Barrel Races this summer! Ter can put everything in it too!!


canchaser_412 said...

ooooo how cute... I just love these pics....