Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well the weekend was tons of fun, Terry took Saturday off since he had to have his blood drawn so we went down to visit Grandpa, Grandma and Great Grandma D. We had tons of fun, Great Grandma Max made Britlyn a beautiful blanket I will have to take some pictures.. She loves it by the way I have already washed it twice since Saturday! Brit also liked seeing another FROG LOVER! Aunt Teresa! The blanket is frog with tiara's to match her room!
Sunday Terry had to work so Britlyn and I went Barrel Racing.. For the first time with out help from family! It went well thanks to having some great friends help with Britlyn! Could not have done it with out any of you! So thanks and we love you all! ChaBlee, Debbie and Matt.. Also Elaine, Roy and Hadley kept Britlyn entertained too! I think Hadley is going to be her best friend @ the Barrel Races! Watch out Tanya she is going to try and still him I think! She just followed him around!
On another note I was pretty happy with my boys! They both did great but I of course did not ride to good and hit some barrels! Yes my knees still hurt alittle and I have some great bruises! (Not like my legs ever don't have bruises!)
Tucker has not ran barrels since September so I did not push him.. In shape but not the best still! He still ended up running a 2D time.( But hit barrel!) What a awesome horse!
Harley totally surprised me! He spooked pretty bad the last time we ran down in St. George so I just was wondering what was going to happen, well not a thing happened and he turned some very pretty barrels.. To close actually and I hit 2 of them! But I was so happy and just have to trust that he is going to work and get on and push him!
So I have been playing around with scrap blog and here is what I have done so far! I have been trying to figure out what to do for Britlyns birthday party and I tried pretty hard took me forever and several ideas later I finished up with this!

I also threw some pictures together of Tucker. So I only have 4 more animals to do!


canchaser_412 said...

oooo I love the invites those are so darn cute... you did a wonderful job