Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Present!

Okay I just have to say I have the best husband ever! So it was going to be his weekend off this coming weekend but now they have a rig move so he has to go in and work. So when Brit and I got home lastnight we desided to do our Valentines gifts... So to my suprize he bought me this Diamond wedding band that I have been wanting forever! It was funny cuz I have not told him in a few months so I was totally suprized! I love the ring it is just too big so they are ordering a smaller size in but I get to wear this one tell my new one comes

As for his Valentines gift it is still up in the air! I was going to do a Alaskan Cruise but the days off where hard! So now we are just going to buy stuff for his Bronco!