Monday, February 9, 2009


I can not believe I forgot to add on the other post that Britlyn is walking!!! She is getting better and better each day. She is doing about 10-12 steps @ a time then she gets going to fast and falls on her bum and gets back up and goes again!
I will have to get a video of her walking it is pretty damn cute! She is also starting to say bye bye and waving and she also gives high 5! It is way cute!

Some of you may know we named Britlyn after one of the most amazing Barrel Horses I have ever seen. Well this past weekend Britlyn got to meet the Lady that owns the original Britlyn! I thought it was very cool that they came up to meet our little Britlyn! Of course Brit was being a show off and kept giving Terri high 5!


canchaser_412 said...

WALKING!!!! r u kidding me... You just had her.... awesome I can't wait to see a video