Monday, February 9, 2009

Week of crazy

Holy HELL it has been a week since I last updated! That is kind of a long time for me! So Britlyn and I heading down to Southern Utah Wednesday hoping for some awesome warm weather for a nice tan! Well what we got has been rain, snow and cold ass weather! What the HELL I need some HEAT!
I think Britlyn is thinking the same with in the pictures.. Where the HELL is the SUN?!
In this one she must have seen the SNOW outside!

I think she is now gagging @ the snow!
Now of course just laughing!
Okay so we came down to hang out with Mom and Dad and to do some Barrel Racing while I was here! Harley...( my BABY) Has been doing so well and getting better and better so I was pretty excited to come and try a new place! HAHA.. Well it was not what I was hoping for or expecting! I guess that why you have to season them right! Harley has never ran outdoors in competition and he has never even been under lights! Well lets just say it showed.. He was so nervous and anxious he did not want to go in the arena, by the time I got him up there to go in he just took off running! I was not ready @ all and our first run was horrible! He had good speed just the barrels were very wind and crazy looking, but to my surprise we still ended up in the 3D some how! So the next day was during the day so I was like it should be better he will be able to see everything and will be okay! WRONG! It was so much worse! He was still not sure of himself running him but he had a awesome first barrel so we headed to 2nd and something scared the hell out of him! he spooked and went the other way! poor guy! so I got him calmed down and we finished our run with a NO TIME cuz we broke the pattern! Oh well next time will be better!
Britlyn and I we suppose to head home today but we kind of got Snowed in so we are hanging out today with Grandpa and heading homing in the morning! I think we are both ready to be home and hangout with Ter/Daddy!