Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not much new going on here Saturday I went Barrel racing on my baby Harley it was great!! He ran well but I hit barrels both goes! DAMN IT!!
Britlyn and I went shopping all day yesterday and that was tons of fun as always! and today she woke up with tons of snot! yuck.. So off to the Doctor we went and they are not for sure if she has a cold or Allergies.. It sucks cuz of Halloween and we were going to go see Kelby and Kinzee and then Kinzee gets blessed on Sunday. But Dr. said to stay clear of Kinzee just in case Britlyn is sick.
So had to go get our prescription @ walmart and while we were waiting I found me a new camera!! So of course we had to buy it!
So here our a few new pictures of Britlyn today after the doctors and with my new CAMERA!!!


Natrat said...

That stinks ya got both barrels..That girl of yours, is gorgeous!!