Tuesday, October 7, 2008

~Home Sweet Home~

Well it was a long weekend for work and long nights but it is all worth it! we are in the house and love it! We still have a few boxes but for the most part we are finished! we just need to go and buy a living room set and we will totally be finished!

Kelcee is loving the new house cuz she has been sleeping in bed with Terry and I now! Britlyn thinks her room is pretty cool! She loves her bed! As for Drake he thinks the greatest thing in the world is to lay out in his back yard and look around and of couse when we go back with the horses he loves to chase them!

Lets see the horses love the pasture! It is so funny to watch them, they love all the green grass, but you know they are barrel horse when @ 7 lastnight I went out to put on there blankets they came running! they are too funny and such pets! So of course I had to throw them some alfalfa and give them there grain! We have a river that runs threw the pasture so that was different for tem to get water! as Terry says they are now almost horses since they now drink from the river!


The Norris Family said...

Congrats on the house, I bet everyone really loves it! Can't wait to see pics of everything!

!~PADGETTS~! said...

HELLO where are the pictures !~!~ CONGRATS guys its a great and FUN move !~! You should have called I had some blankets I WONT BE NEEDING lol .... SO happy its all working out and your BABYS are all happy .... ALL OF THEM .