Tuesday, October 14, 2008

7 months old

Wow today Britlyn is 7months old I can not believe how time has just flown by... It is just crazy it seems like just yeasterday I had her and today she is crawling everywhere and getting into everything!
Poor lil girl is starting to teeth I believe and wow is sucks she is not to happy, but Thanks GOD Katie told me about these amazing lil tablets! the are wonderful and they sure do help! So Britlyn has picked up GROWLING from somewhere, she has been doing it for awhile but now she is always growling @ us! It is so funny and if we growl @ here she does it back.. I really think she thinks she is a puppy! She just loves Drake and Kelcee.

Robert, Vicki and the Boys stopped by for a visit the other night, it was so nice they come by.. and let me just say Britlyn loved Weston! it was so cute she would not take her eyes off him.. She really watched Wyatt and Waylon also but there was something about Weston she just loved, she was so cute with her too. Plus she was chasing Kelcee all over the house.. I loved it Kelcee is still tired today.
I love this picture of Britlyn sleeping in her horse... It is so cute she just loves her horse so much and then falls asleep bouncing what a kid!