Thursday, October 9, 2008


Okay so I took some pictures this morning while Britlyn was sleeping.. I just love this picture of DRAKE~

Here are all the boys just loving there pasture! Drake also thinks he is a horses!
I think this is a sweet picture of Tucker, since you can see his reflection in the water!


Hardman said...

Is this the pasture at your new house?? Loks nice..I wanna see your new house!! I love it up there...Brit is getting big...oh my hell..she is a doll.
and i had no idea Tori and Justin were even expecting??

!~PADGETTS~! said...

GREAT PHOTOS the boys look wonderful, and BRIT CAN NOT BE 7 MTHS shes growing up so fast ... LOVE the new place congrats , hope all is well, and why the heck do you have a BEENIE on???? Im still in TANKS LOL .