Friday, October 10, 2008

WINTER wonderland

Okay can I just tell you I am not ready for Winter @ all! I am ready to run Harley all winter just not ready for the cold weather! We are going to get our hay for the year today and yes it is going to SNOW on us.. My boys are in there heavy winter blankets and loving it cuz it is freaking freezing! ~God I LOVE WYOMING~. Anyways I just needed to complain! So Terry sent me a picture this am of what he had on his truck this morning, yep that's right SNOW. YUCK I am not wanting cold weather yet!

Oh yes and I just wanted to THANK CHABLEE on telling me she was still wearing TANKS I am so coming to Texas.. I have been wearing beanies and coats all week while I have been riding!

Okay so my parents are coming up for the weekend and bring our furniture that was down there. I am way excited for them to come up and hangout with us and play with Brit and of course put them to work cuz they our hauling hay with me today!


Hardman said...

AHHHHH,...take me with you when you go to Texas.....I dont want snow yet!!! This morning driving to work i saw all these cars with snow on them and they all had WYO plates..i just though..oh my hell i am so not ready yet!!!

!~PADGETTS~! said...

CONGRATS ON THE CRAWLING .... THATS SO COOL , she will be running around soon!~! Today was one of the best days 88 high 60 low ... You better come see me soon .. STAY WARM in that weather!~!~