Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend wrap up

Well Halloween was tons of fun. We went down to Henefer and Coalville to see family. Britlyn was in her costume I think for about 10mins and then she was ready to take it off! She was so hot in it! Britlyn and Great Grandma Maxine

We also saw Robert, Vick, and Weston.. He is such a doll and Britlyn LOVES him! he looked so cute in his costume so I had to share! Brit and Weston Playing!

Weston cute as ever!

Saturday we hauled the rest of our hay and I am so excited to be done with hay for this year! we watched the U of U win thank god but how they did it I will never know it was a terrible game.. But glad my team pulled it out of a WIN! but they better get it together for TCU.
Today we just hung out and did stuff around the house, got all our fire wood chopped, I rode Harley and then we got the horses feet down!! Yeah us!
Britlyn and I are still fighting this cold/allergies.. I am not sure what it is the Dr. thought it was allergies but I am not to sure today cuz we both kind of have a cough now, so who knows what we have. It sucks whatever it is though.
All I know is I am not ready for winter still but @ least we are ready for it as far as the firewood and the hay goes! I am not looking forward in to riding in the cold winter weather! I forgot what it was like since I have not run barrels in the winter for a few years now. But I am starting to remember! Damn I hate WINTER!


Paula and Zach said...

Britlyn looks so cute in her costume! She's getting so big! I'm not looking forward to Winter either. Yuck!

the schumann's said...

how fun! i love the sully costume!

mlmfamily said...

Britlyn is so cute. It looks like you guys had a fun halloween!

!~PADGETTS~! said...

What a DOLL ... Cutest SKunk ever!~! Hope you get feeling better, love all your updates and photos of everyone ...