Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wet Winter Weekend

Well we had quite a fun weekend, Grandpa and Grandma come up for the weekend it was great to have my parents up for a few days.. Did not do a ton though! we hauled hay on Friday before we got all the snow Thank God.. My dad and I just got the hay in the barn when it started to Snow on us Friday night. Then it just seemed like it would never end we woke up to about 3-4inches and then it just kept coming.. We were going to go to SLC shopping but GOING TO was the key word! We sat in traffic for about 30mins on I80 just past Lyman and we decided to turn around cuz we were not moving... well good thing cuz they had closed the roads down! so we just chilled..
Today seemed like the same SNOW SNOW and more SNOW! I took a few pictures around the house this morning...

I just LOVE this picture of Harley! It kills me! He was wanting a kiss this morning but I took his picture instead, as for you that all know HARLEY~ he is my baby and the funnest horse you will ever be around.

Mom and Dad headed about down to Southern Utah this AM wish they were able to stay longer but @ least we got to hang out for a lil bit.. Hopefully they will move up this way so we can see them alot more.