Monday, October 20, 2008


Okay so last Thursday Britlyn said her first WORD! Yep that's right said her first word, it is so freaking cute to hear her talk but yet it is kind of scary having someone else just jabbering besides me! So her first word was DADA.. It is so cute to hear her little voice. It seriously has been the craziest last few days we have been running a hundred miles an hour and Britlyn has be in bed late every night. Well as you can tell so have I since it is midnight and I am still awake! We went hunting tonight seen so a nice Bull Elk, and a cow elk. Some nice Bucks but of course Terry will not kill unless it is a MONSTER! And we also seen a Moose. the Moose was so beautiful it was a big bastard too! Went and did so shopping @ Sam's club and target today also. Pretty fun day. I bought Britlyn he first pair of Wranglers yesterday and she wore them today, she looked so cute in them. As for anyone who watches College football... the UTES KICKED ASS yesterday! YAHOO!!! I am so excited, oh yeah and BYU got there ASS KICKED Thursday night! YAHOO again!