Sunday, December 21, 2008


OMG seriously you know you live in Wyoming when you are in the house and hear a noise kind of sounds like gun shots.. So I am getting dressed trying to get out of here to go to a family Christmas party when I just happen to hear a noise sound like a gun shot.. Think to myself how could it be! So to my surprise of looking out the window to see what the hell the noise is and where it is coming from I see one of our neighbors up on the hill holding a gun and walking this way.. SHIT I think did he shoot @ my dog cuz he has been barking all morning! So I look out the back door and thank god Drake is safe just sitting by the door! Makes me feel better so go back to the window and keep watching this crazy hillbilly! Anyways he now crosses the fence in his back pasture and up flys a goose.. The crazy bastard was shooting @ a goose in his pasture that is in front of two houses.. HELLO Jackass what happens if you miss and it hits one of our houses?! GOD people are NUTS..! So then I sat there think about the poor goose this guy just shot then I remembered they are the other neighbors geese! But hey I guess it was on his property!
Sorry just had to share about these weird WYO people! Some days I tell you I miss UTAH people! I think we are alittle more NORMAL!