Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I still can not believe Christmas was here and gone already. Everything goes by way to fast! Brit got so many new clothes and toys for Christmas I had to do 3 loads of laundry of just her new clothes! What a spoiled little shit!
The weekend was great we went barrel racing on Saturday and it was so damn cold! what am I thinking! Then Sunday we went and spent the day in Henefer with Ter's family and we had some awesome Chili that Tori made and some Cake for her Birthday! It was so much fun hanging out with everyone. It kills me how much the kids are growing.
Monday Terry, Robert and Justin went coyote hunting around here they had way to much fun I know that! But did not kill anything! They actually missed! how funny is that!

In the top picture Britlyn is helping me fold clothes! Such a helper! The bottom Picture is of Christmas day bouncing on her horse.. as always!

She loves this little camo chair we got her! It is so funny to watch her try and get in it! She loves to chew on the tags of everything!
I just love this picture she looks so damn cute and like she does NO WRONG! notice I said LIKE! she is such alittle cutie though!
Well Britlyn and I will be heading to my parents this weekend for a little more then a week~ I am pretty excited to go to the Ed Wright clinic and hangout with my parents for awhile! Wish Ter was coming with us but I guess one of us has to stay home and work.. and take care of the other horses!
Hope everyone has a wonderful New Years! We will be taking it easy watching a movie as Terry is already yelling @ me to hurry up!