Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Britlyn and I went down to my aunt Nelda's house on Sunday for a lil Christmas party.. It was lots of fun and Brit did great she got a little tired @ the end and she fell alseep as soon and we left. This is her with one of her new toys that my Grandma Bea bought her! her little face looks so sad!
She is wearing her new belt in this picture that my Grandma Bea bought her.. She looks like such a big girl with her belt on!

My Aunt Nelda and Britlyn
One of Brit's Favorite toys, so if you happen to call me and I don't answer it is usually because Britlyn has my phone! she loves to push the buttons so it lights up~
Well I can not believe it is Christmas! WOW there has this year went.. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.. My parents our coming up tomorrow to stay with us a few day so I am pretty excited! Then next on our list is heading to the Ed Wright Clinic!! I am way excited to go!


canchaser_412 said...

How awesome you are going to Ed... that will be so cool! Well stay warm and Merry Christmas.. my gifts are awesome