Friday, December 19, 2008


Ok so I really hate Tax time.. It is seriously the biggest pain in the ass when you own your own company! Or like me kind of slack sometimes cuz I would rather be hangout with Britlyn or riding the horses! But as of 6 am yesterday my Taxes were done! YAHOO!!! Terry took them to the Accountant today so I am pretty excited about that! Maybe we will start off the new years a little easier now!
I am already sick of the SNOW! It freaking sucks.. Drake and I finished loading the last bit of moldy hay we had here he is taking a break!

He is such a helper! Speaking of helpers, Britlyn loves to play in my purse which I always let her do because they is really nothing in there she can hurt or get into.. Well today we went to check the mail and I get to the post office and my mail key is missing.. So I thought to myself where the HELL could it be? Then I just happen to remember Britlyn playing in my purse today.. Well I drove back home went in the house and to my surprise my mail key was laying in the middle of her toys! So then we went back to check the mail! Little SHIT!
So I rode Harley yesterday while Britlyn was taking a nap and the whole time I was thinking what in the HELL am I doing out here on a horse freezing my ASS off! It was like 16 degrees! I was rather warm though! I was riding in my carhart coveralls and huge Arctic Jacket! THANK GOD! I think Harley was like what the hell are you doing riding me women! Oh the joys of Barrel Racing in the winter...
Well I am off to start the bobcat to move a bale of hay so I can feed the boys! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and stay warm!


canchaser_412 said...

he he what a lil turd....Hope all is well up north.