Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Well this week has been crazy already and it is only the start of Wednesday! Over the weekend we headed to go Barrel Racing! WOW What was I thinking.... It was lots of snow and tons of traffic and of course the horrible drivers! We got there late and I was moved up to run early, just my luck on well it was not one of our best but it was not our worst either! Sunday was a great day we just hung out and were bums and then went shopping for a few things then took the long way home, we were going to take some pictures of Wildlife but then did not! It was a pretty fun weekend..

Followed by having to finish our TAXES! oh how fun I have been working on Taxes off and on for about a week now and almost finish! bust still they our a pain.

Nothing to big planned for the weekend Terry is working and Britlyn and I our going to head down to my Family Christmas Party.. Wow almost here! I am so excited for Christmas this year with Britlyn she has been a crazy child about the presents I can not get her away from them! I have had to put new bows on a few presents thanks to my lil HELPER that is in to everything! My parents are coming up for Christmas so I am way excited for that... Have not seen them for a little bit then about a week after Christmas Britlyn and I will head down to stay with them for a little bit.
Chablee & Jimmy are coming home this week so we are pretty excited to go see them! Have not seen them since August guess you could say its been awhile!

Britlyn turned 9months old this past weekend.. I still can not even believe she is 9months! She is getting so big and into everything! She now pulls up and walks along everything.. Her and Kelcee play tug- a-war (sp) all the time it is so funny to watch and listen to! she just giggles so loud! While Kelcee is growling the whole time! Brit just loves the dogs sometimes she gets alittle rough with Kelcee and try to pull her legs and poor Kelc just takes it and will not bite her! Drake thinks it is the greatest thing in the world to have Britlyn crawl all over him... It is so cute but man she is rough! she pulls fur and goes to town crawling on him! How he ever just sits there I will never know! Last week I made the mistake of letting Drake in the house right a we were putting Brit to bed.. I will never do that again! She was just about out and then she spotted him! Wow she went to almost asleep to a wild child in 2 seconds! so I thought I would let her see him for a min then put her to bed. Boy was I WRONG! As we walked her into bed and put her down she turned over and stood up looking @ Drake oops! So I kicked Drake out of her room and shut the door alittle so he could not come in again laid her down nope up again so I just left her alone thinking she would lay down to sleep.. again I was WRONG! She cried for about 20mins before she finally fell alseep! Poor kid just wanted to play with Drake!

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day and weekend I am going to try and finish my Taxes now before Brit wakes up!


canchaser_412 said...

Wow sounds like a crazy week.. man brit is 9 months old just seems like yesterday she was just born.. Man time sure does fly and geezz ya mean mom kick the poor dog out hehe just kidding lol