Friday, December 26, 2008


WOW Christmas was here and gone before we knew it. It is amazing how fast time fly by. Christmas was great got lots of presents had tons of great food and just hung out with family!
Here is Brit in her new chair! It is going in the horse trailer for while we are Barrel racing!
Brit thought the wrapping paper and bows were awesome!

I love this toy my mom bought her and so did Brit!
Grandma and Britlyn playing with the toy.. we maybe Grandma playing with the toy and Brit eating the bow!
Well I was really excited to get down and see ChaBlee and Jimmy while they were here in town but with all this crazy weather we were never able to get down and visit with them, which really sucks.. Our roads are still closed today and hoping that maybe sometime today they will open up. My parents are trying to get home today but are stuck on I80 will the roads closed!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Santa brought everyone everything they asked for! I know Santa brought that and more to our home this year! Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays but this one has been the best Christmas yet. Britlyn makes everything more fun and bring so much more joy into the holiday season.


the schumann's said...

way fun! i'm glad you guys had a good christmas. good luck with the snow.

Kim and Carrie Atkinson said...

I bet she had a ball unwrapping presents! She is too cute in her pj's. Looks like you had a great xmas..

canchaser_412 said...

she looks so cute.... glad you had a wonderful Christmas... everything was great.