Saturday, November 22, 2008


Well today was the day I have been waiting for all football season!! BYU and UTES~ It started off to be a good game and then well the UTES just took it way! Poor BYU played like shit! We went down to Grandma Maxine's for the game she is a HUGE BYU FAN! anyways she made us a awesome dinner and we watched the game! she yelled and wanted to kill me a few times! but I came out on top! and she would not even take a picture with me on game day! since BYU lost! It was awesome Britlyn, Terry and I were all dressed up in our UTE attire while Gma Maxine was in full BYU attire! She even decorated the our all up in blue but it as over taken by our red!


!~PADGETTS~! said...

CONGRATS on the win !~ You three look adorable.

canchaser_412 said...

What a handsome family? you guys look so cute