Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Doctor Day

Yesterday Britlyn had to go to the Doctor for her 2nd Flu shot, she was not to happy! as soon as she seen the Doctor she started to CRY.. Well then she was happy again because the Doc left, well then we go back to the room and the Nurse comes in and I take off Brit's pants for her shot in the leg and she looks @ the Nurse and starts to CRY again! Poor girl hates it already! but 2 seconds after the shot she was happy again!
Here is her before she went to the Doctor
She is pretty proud of herself when she pulss up on everything!

This pictures is of her yesterday morning before we got dressed for the day! Just playing with her mummy! as you can see in the back ground she has a few toys! But the bouncer horse is her favorite


Natrat said...

That's sad that she cried when she saw the dr.. She is a doll!