Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun Busy Weekend

Well we had quite the weekend it was fun and busy! It started off Friday with Terry buying a lil work car. He got a lil ford escort zx2 it is a cute lil car plus it gets great MPG! We had such a fun weekend plus we got to see lots of Family! My parent and my Grandma Julian came up to the Barrel race on Saturday to see Britlyn! Yes Ter and I know they don't come to see us! It was fun to hang out with them as always! Plus Terry's parents also came down to the Barrel race! So it was lots of fun to have both sides of Grandparents there.

This is Ter and Brit wait for me to finish getting ready so we could head to the Barrel race.. I love it the both look so cute in this picture I think!
I was so proud of Harley this weekend he worked great improved his time a half second between sat & sun! This is our picture from yesterday! I love it I think he looks great in it!

I love this picture too! @ the barrel race they had booths with stuff for sale like always and I found great stuff for Brit! Like this hooded towel! It is great and it is bigger then the Carters ones that she is growing out of!
I love this one too of course! She is now 8months old and thinks she should be able to walk! she pulls up on everything in site and then follows behind her car, but sometimes she forgets the car moves faster and falls! My mom got her some new nike's and gave them to her this weekend and wow she thinks those are the greatest thing ever!


Jeremy and Krista said...

Hey Lindsay,
Yeah we moved in August. It's been ok so far. Britlyn is so cute!! You've done an awesome job on your blog. Keep in touch. Krista

canchaser_412 said...

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend... Hope all is well